Friday, June 9, 2017

The Great Recession was planned since the Reagan era to steal from the Middle Class and poor by the rich

If you understand this you can also see how 50% to 75% of the wealth of the middle Class down to poor was stolen during the last Great Recession.

AND only those capable of being educated and financially positioned right could remain in the Stock market and muni-bond investments to benefit directly from the recovery. Because the only real way to recover from the Great REcession was by investing in the stock market. However, unless you were financially so positioned that you could live without your investments then you couldn't afford to invest there in the first place.

Since 2009 when the stock market went down to 6,547.05 it has zoomed up now to
The Dow Jones industrial average (INDU) lost 80 points, or 1.2%, to end at 6,547.05, its lowest point since April 15, 1997.

It is presently as I write this: 21, 287.10  or well over 300 percent and maybe up to even 350 percent of it's value that day on March 9th 2009.  So, if you stayed invested on that day or reinvested, diversified or whatever you are presently worth (just in stocks up to 350% of what you were on March 9th 2009. Can most of America say this?

No! Because most of America could not stay invested long term because of the risks involved in staying in the stock market because unless you could afford to live without this money all this time you could not afford to stay in the market to more than triple your investments.
  1. March 9, 2009: The Day Stocks Bottomed Out - Forbes
    Mar 8, 2010 ... “How low can stocks go?” That was the omnioius query topping The Wall Street Journal's Money and Investing section on March 9, 2009.

    How often is it likely that within less than 10 years you could triple
    your investments? What kind of power does this give to those who
    have tripled their investments over those who just lost
    50% to 75% of their home investments during the Great Recession?

    This is one reason why Trump was elected by those disenfranchised. To bad
    he is there to completely financially destroy them in the end. IN the end
    he is a complete elitist. So, unless you are in the upper 10% you really cannot
    benefit much or at all from Trump. Because Trump in the end ONLY benefits the top
    10% and even then ONLY financially.

    Note: Added later on Monday June 18th 2017:
    The basic plan would go something like this. If unstable loan instruments like ARMS (Adjustable Rate Mortgages) hit a place where interest rates rose above where people could afford to make payments (like happened during the Great Recession) then if the value of those loans was above the value of the actual homes (being underwater) then the motivation of home owners logically would be to walk away from those loans. Once enough people did this in any one area the value of all homes would be dragged down by this and then make any unpaid for homes underwater too whether they were fixed loans or adjustable rate loans. This plan would be in the back of richer loan officers minds (even though it never would be spoken of publicly) as a way to force middle class and poor people who couldn't afford to have homes be underwater and stay solvent.

    REmember, Millions of people went bankrupt and lost their homes whether they had fixed loans or adjustable rate loans. But, this was caused initially exclusively by adjustable rate loans when interest rates (and payments rose) precipitously. So, whether you had a phoney  adjustable rate loan or whether you had a fixed rate loan when your home went underwater caused primarly by adjustable rate loans you were screwed and often lost everything because you could not sell your home and break even.

    This is how millions were stolen from during the last Great Recession. And this could also happen again right now as adjustable rate payments per month are now rising once again.

    I have friends who are being screwed right now because they can't afford their rising payments on their property. So, this is also happening once again across the U.S. right now and caused by Adjustable Rate Loans which are truly Awful for everyone. IN other words as interest rates (and adjustable rate payments rise beyond what people can afford now across the country (it is happening right now) you are going to see problems right now once again.

    So, these people might lose their homes and and another cycle of home devaluation might be in the works right now as I write this. I don't think it's another great recession or anything like that right now but it's still going to be awful within 6 months to a year wherever people cannot afford their rising payments as interest rates rise once again.

    So, here's my question:


    They caused the last Great Recession and will likely be involved in the next recession which could occur at any time from now on as interest rates (and adjustable rate payment increase) when people can no longer afford their monthly payments and eventually lose their homes (and often their equity and down payments too!)

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