Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The world is becoming "Of the rich for the rich and by the rich"

In other words rich people are saying quietly to themselves "There are just too many people on earth some have to go."

And this is directed at the world's poorest people.  IN the past there was a movement to "lift up the poor" but now because of more people thinking like Trump on earth it is literally "Every man and woman for themselves" and the poorest in every nation are now being just "Written off".

This relatively new dynamic by governments likely will backfire as the angriest and strongest of the poor fight back through terrorism and crime worldwide just in order to survive at all. Given all human history "When people are given no hope at all by the powers that be, they find a way to create their own hope, however limited that might be."

So, expect a lot of turmoil caused by nations not taking responsibility to create "birth control" as an International priority.

This , strangely enough, is sponsored by "Gun Runners" around the world who profit on death by selling weapons to anyone who wants to control and kill poor people (or anything else they want to do to them).

The ONLY REAL alternative to rape, human trafficking, gun running, wanton murder and mass murder is Internationally sanctioned birth control for everyone.

The alternative will be human extinction of everyone. If you are logical and reasonable this is a no brainer.

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