Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"You sort of feel the future before it arrives so you are safe"

We are going through a faster and faster transformation as a human race here on earth. The biggest problem I think is going to be psychological in dealing with all the many many changes now in quick sucession.
It will be helpful to be so intuitive you just know what is coming next. You sort of feel the future before it arrives so you are safe because you know automatically where to be and where not to be to live basically ongoing for hundreds or thousands of years.
By God's Grace

So, basically what is being said here is "IF you want to survive this century and help your children and friends survive this century, meditation, martial arts, and developing your intuition, spending time in the wilderness, all will help you in this.

It is about training yourself to recognize subtle differences in people, the world and in yourself. Often these small but subtle differences will save your lives over and over again.

If you want to survive, deadening yourself to the realities of the world often is only suicidal in the end.

I find that retreating away from the insanity of the world is most useful to become more like Merlin, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Mandela and all the rest of saints in the world.

You have to start somewhere and that is always with yourself.

If you don't save yourself first you cannot ever save the world.

For, in saving yourself first you begin to save the whole world.

By God's Grace

You are of absolutely no use to yourself or anyone else unless you save yourselves first.

Because the alternative is that you are either dead or insane and neither are very useful if you want to
help save the whole world from extinction.

By God's Grace

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