Friday, June 16, 2017

Thoughts on Miraculous Healings

If you have a miraculous healing be grateful and know that God and Angels were involved and most healings continue for days, weeks, months and years. The other thing to consider is that not only you are getting healed but also everyone you know and all your acquaintances. This is sort of the way the Divine works in reality. A Tibetan Lama explained it to me like this: "Imagine you are one thread in a handkerchief or napkin, if it is lying flat upon a table and God (the Divine) lifts you up (heals you) then all the other threads (people) in the handkerchief are also getting healed too as the handkerchief or napkin is lifted higher and higher.

My realization of the last 24 hours is this is how God's miraculous healing actually works scientifically. As you are healed everyone around you is getting a healing too.

By God's Grace

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