Tuesday, June 6, 2017

When people channel often it is sort of like being a cell phone with God, Jesus or other masters talking through them

I have heard people who "Channel" things say that often they remember nothing of what came through them.  I once went to Dharamshala, India and was invited to see and hear the Nechung Oracle. I realized I likely couldn't handle it because I am too psychically sensitive. And later the Tibetan Lama my family and I were traveling with confirmed my thoughts. He said, "People who are spiritually sensitive don't usually become oracles because it would likely kill them.

He said that mostly "Tibetan Oracles" are very down to earth people usually. One reason is they wear a 150 pound head dress to keep them from levitating and flying around the room while being possessed by dieties. They often are very accurate in their predictions as well of the future.

For example, I believe it was the Nechung Oracle who told the Dalai Lama when to leave Tibet and walk to India from Tibet. Some of his party were killed by machine gun bullets from Chinese fighter planes while they escaped. But there weren't helicopters readily available then and the country was and is very rugged so most of them survived the walk to India.

But, in the western world people also do what is called channeling. People here don't get possessed by the dieties in the same way usually either but often predict what will happen in the future while speaking from various Masters like Jesus or Saint Germain or others.

Some people who do this remember what came through them. Some remember part of what came through them and some remember nothing. This is likely the brain and mind protecting itself while these things are taking place.

However, I believe one is always better off going to God oneself so this is what I try to teach to people that talking and visiting with God and Angels and Ascended masters yourself is always the best.

Because channeling is seldom more than 50% to 75% accurate and often it isn't what is being said that is important but rather the states of consciousness that all present are attaining that is actually important as well as how the group auras of the people whose consciousness is lifted affect positively all life on earth.

By God's Grace

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