Tuesday, June 6, 2017

America is in a very strange state

If you listen to CNN and MSNBC or Google News online you have some at Fox News calling them "Fake News" like Trump.

So, you have CNN and MSNBC who look at Trump as a kind of dangerous old man who is maybe destroying our country and then you have sometimes some folks at Fox News calling middle of the road places like CNN "Fake News".

It is a very "horrific" time in America to be alive watching this nation presently tear itself apart.

If Putin's goal was to destroy our system of government in some ways he has succeeded in turning this country against itself.

I tend to believe (as you have noticed at this site) that Putin is in control of Trump and Fox News and Breitbart and that CNN and MSNBC are trying to save this country from ruin.

However, the truth might be that those who want to make money from the news often own both the right and the left media and make money when anything is said that pisses off any other group.

So, this whole thing on one level is becoming more and more insidious to watch and "Where is the Truth?" in all of this.

"Without enough truth the people perish".

This has been true of all nations who have eventually fallen.

Because what kills nations is lies that the people believed which ended their nations.

My point of view is that Trump "Is a Lie!"

Others are going to have other truths.

But, unless we come together soon some way, our nation will be over.

Because when a house is divided against itself it falls!

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