Friday, June 23, 2017

You should be forgiven if you think you are suffering from extreme, full-blown P.T.S.D.—President Trump Stress Disorder.

You see it wherever you go: a majority of people upset that Trump is supposed to be your president. I rented a Uhaul Truck in Portland, Oregon and the man said someone had gone off on him who was a Trump supporter (which is a fairly odd thing to be if you live in Washington, Oregon or California. But, they do exist sometimes even here on that west coast so you have to be careful not to get shot by one of them living in an alternate reality somewhere.

For us in California, people who support Trump are sort of like People on LSD to us in that they are dangerous and living in a world that doesn't really exist since the 1950s. So, we sort of feel sorry for them but we also know they are scary and actually exist sort of like Bigfoot (and that likely is an insult to the real Bigfoot) if he actually exists, (I know people like Medicine men who have actually experienced Big foot in person).

But, that is another story.

In the meantime most of America has literal PTSD which is a form of insanity and confusion brought about by the existence of President Trump.

So, the majority of Americans believe that Trump is a disease that one day will go away and hopefully there still will be a democracy left for all Americans to live in.

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