Friday, June 23, 2017

There is nothing so bad that no Good may come of it: Descartes

The full statement of Descartes translated into English from French is "There is nothing so bad that no Good may come of it and nothing so Good that no bad may come of it."

This is also my experience of Trump that no matter how bad a president and how completely unethical he is and how paranoid and self centered he is and no matter how many married and unmarried women he deflowers all his life (and then brags about it) that something good will come of his presidency.

My thought is that the world is going to have to change a great deal while Trump is president for a variety of Reasons. I see Trump a lot like "The Madness of King George of England" that created the United States directly from his madness.

So, in this sense if you consider the United States to be a good thing maybe the "Madness of King Trump" will also create something good (like the end of political correctness) which along with the Internet is likely the death of the western World this century for about 100 different reasons.

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