Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I keep trying to make sense of all this first from one point of view and then another. Today I thought I would just try a personal numerological approach just for fun.

First of all, 7 is many times thought of as the end or last of a cycle of 7. And then we have 5-8's in a row. 8, besides being the 8 fold path of Buddha is also representative of infinity. So, one way to look at this would be the end of the latest cycle of 7 and 5 infinities.

What I have noticed in life is that in a sense at every point everything is in balance. What I'm saying is that when one type of excess comes down other kinds of things move in to take their place. For example, some of the very happiest times in my life I had very little, I was in my 20s or early thirties and I lived in places like Hawaii or Mt. Shasta, and both places can be very fun to live in. Now, money is not a problem but my health hasn't been the greatest since I almost died in 1998. My family is still very close but I miss all my youthful adventures and even though money is no longer the problem it once was, health is more of an issue and so is age. So like I said, life always somehow is in balance and it all seems to even out. This is my experience.

Even times that were really difficult there were a lot of friends and a lot to learn every day. I might cry at night going to sleep and be praying to God for help to live through another day. But even then somehow because my relationship with God has always been strong I always somehow knew God was testing me and making me better. This didn't mean I didn't get angry with God and scream and rail but always I knew at core that God was like a father and would never abandon me even if I couldn't understand what he or she was trying to teach me. Life somehow is always a balance and I have always felt great peace in this experience.

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