Saturday, February 14, 2009

Talking With Nature

My 19 year old has wanted me to read this book for about 2 years. However, because I have read so many "I'm Okay Your Okay" kind of books as well as "Psycho Cybernetics", Spiritual, and Self Help Books since the 1960s I have gotten kind of burnt out reading this type of book. The last book of this type I really could relate to was "Eat Pray Love".

Finally, for Valentine's day my wife bought me a 2 book paperback of "Talking with Nature and Journey into Nature" by Michael Roads.

When I read a sentence review by the East West Journal it said, "Talking with Nature reads like a synthesis of WALDEN and THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS." This made me very happy because though I knew my 19 year old daughter shares my ability to communicate with nature through trees, plants, animals, and rocks I had not realized that that is what these books were about. So it made me quite happy that my daughter is reading really cool books like this.

Though my experiences talking to trees, plants and animals has been there always since I was born, talking to rocks I didn't know was possible because no one had spoken to me about this possibility. So though rocks, land, cliffs, and ocean, lakes and rivers I had not really learned to communicate with directly because I wasn't aware of the possibility, eventually after I was over 30 I began to have communications with all these things and was very amazed at the types of life forms and how they perceive and communicate on earth. I have always been able to communicate with the planet as a being Earth, that some call Gaia. So that has always been the case. Being able to communicate with all aspects of earth and not just parts of earth has made my life rich beyond any conceptions or expectations I might have had before.

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