Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was sitting in my outdoor hot tub (spa) today because it was the first day of sun amidst many many days of rain here on the northern California Coast. Where I live the air is very clear and at night because there are no street lights one can often see all the stars and milky way. The ocean with no lights upon it at all really helps in this way too.

I started to think about how the milking of goats and sheep and cows got started. So I sort of went back in my mind traveling to when there were no civilizations or even tribes, just families trying not to die or get eaten by something.

My theory:

One day a man out hunting for food and very hungry was stalking a deer or goat. He watched while the baby goat nursed its mother. He thought to himself, "I'd like some of that milk too." So instead of killing the goat or deer outright, he lassoed it with a leather thong and tied it to a tree and while it kicked him he drank from its udders. However, his friend saw him get kicked many times and decided to tie down the goat or deers rear legs while splayed in some fashion and could drink without getting kicked but then the deer or goat peed or pooped on him and he didn't like this either. His young son or daughter watched all this and said, "Why don't we put it in a clay bowl so the whole family can have some of this wonderful life giving sweet tasting drink?" So this happened and the whole family had a religious experience with the milk of how good it tasted and the whole family praised the man and his son or daughter that they had created something so good. Later, during a drought there was no food and only the people who could drink milk without getting sick(the ones who weren't lactose intolerant) lived through the drought because the goats or deer always could find a little water and a little grass to eat when no one else could. The milk drinkers were the only ones who survived these droughts and also they noticed that the milk drinkers children slowly were getting bigger.

However, the growth hormone in goats milk, deer milk, cows milk and even horse milk is so strong that humans kept growing and growing from it. They tended to win more battles because they were bigger and because operating a bigger body one naturally has to be stronger than shorter people this helped them win wars. However, when bows and arrows were invented this actually became a problem of being bigger because they were and are bigger targets.

Also, a man of 5 foot 6 inches, a man of 5 foot 10 inches and a man 6 foot 4 inches might all have the same size heart which makes the 6 foot 4 man die sooner as a rule just from all the extra blood his heart has to pump over a lifetime.

And, strangely enough the tall gene is not the dominant gene, the dwarf gene is. So this says a whole lot about what happened to many dwarfs down through the millennia.

So, I was thinking about all this and about how many lactose intolerant people must have died in herd tending cultures all over the world to result in so many tall people who could drink milk. One need look no further than the Watusi tribe of Africa to see what only drinking cow blood and cow milk does. It makes people 7 feet tall.

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