Thursday, February 26, 2009

Advanced Soul Travel

I think it might be useful to read "The Basics of Soul Travel" first before you read this one unless you have years of experience soul traveling and then if that is true then this article will be two professional soul travelers comparing notes instead.

I'm jumping right into advanced soul travel because I think it is safer to do it this way. For most of you I'm writing this so you will know what is possible. I don't expect people to try any of this the first time out because it took me 40 years to fully understand the things experiencially that I'm sharing here. Just like researchers in all fields may theoretically understand something but take a lifetime to fully experience it in a more useful way. This article is the same.

Please suspend disbelief so that you might in a theoretical way at least grasp these concepts.

First of all there are two realities (or more) for each person. There is physical reality and then there is consciousness reality. Most people do not get how interrelated these two real things are. And most people do not get that both these things are equally real.

So, consciousness affects physical reality and physical reality affects consciousness. So what I'm saying to you is that both are equally real.

You might ask "How does consciousness affect physical reality." Well, I can demonstrate this most easily by this method. First, imagine human beings without language, religion or homes, houses, tools or anything but their bare hands. One day someone got tired of having their hands scratched or bit off by lions and tigers, got angry and grabbed a long stick or limb they broke off from a tree and impaled the lion who was eating his or her family nearby. Imagine that this was the beginning of both language and of religion and tools all in one fell swoop. And at this moment the human race that got us to here was on its merry way.

How physical reality affects consciousness is much easier to describe. The lion eating this ancient man or woman's family made the human scream, get engraged and homicidal toward the lion, to the point of breaking off a tree limb and impaling the lion and then eating the lion for dinner and starting both a religion and language and singing around this powerful event in human prehistory.

So, now you can see both how consciousness affects reality and how reality affects consciousness. Unless we see both as equally real we are blinded by a delusional way of seeing reality as being only the physical which in reality is only half of the equation. And people who see only the physical as real are incredibly vulnerable to those who see both as real. And sometimes this vulnerability leads to either insanity or death of whole groups of people or individuals both on earth and beyond.

So, to be a wise human being (or just being) one must first recognize that every thought, feeling or spoken word is in its own way equally as real in every sense as every physical action or reaction that takes place on earth or beyond.

The above perception is necessary to survive advanced soul travel and not die or go crazy in the process.

Next, through 40 years of research I have come to the conclusion that it would be possible to build a vehicle that someone who was a soul traveler could navigate. This vehicle could contain thousands or millions of humans and this vehicle could instantly go from any one physical place to any other one physical place in the universe instantly with relatively little physical power used. You may have seen this type of thing in the movie "Dune". However, for me it is not just theoretical it is an actual thing that I believe is technologically possible by combining the skills of a soul traveler with the technology yet to be developed here on earth at least. I do believe this technology has been invented and used elsewhere and I also believe many visitors to earth use this technology and have since before the prehistory of humans on earth.

Many particle physicists believe that the universe functions more as a thought than as a physical reality. This also agrees with my experience of 40 years as a soul traveler. Physical reality is to me only a slightly more apparently physically real reality than thoughts. There really is very little (if any) real difference between thoughts and physical reality. In our culture there is a big difference but in actuality there is very little real difference. This is my experience after soul traveling all over our galaxy and at this point thousands of others.

Though our galaxy is as unique as any individual human is it is no more unique than any other galaxy I have visited through soul travel. Also, souls though they tend to incarnate only in one galaxy I have experienced having taken incarnation in more than one galaxy and I do not feel I am that unique. At least 10% of the souls of this galaxy have taken incarnation in other galaxies. In fact the percentage could well be much higher than this.

So, what soul travel has taught me more than anything else is just how creative souls tend to be and what an amazing diversity of ideas exist throughout all time and space and how many different ways there actually are to solve similar problems.

Unless you have a need to soul travel it may or may not be useful to you. For me, it is a hunger like I and many others share that want to fly planes, surf waves, ride motorcycles across the vast deserts and explore earth and the universe. Most soul travelers are risk takers and explorers by nature. They want to see the other side of the mountain, the other side of the planet. They want to meet interesting people and explore every nook and cranny of the universe. If this is also you then as long as you are careful you too will be okay just like I have been through the last 40 years of soul travel.

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