Sunday, February 1, 2009

God's Cleaning House

Or should I say God is cleaning his house (earth). You know, sometimes when you get a cold or flu you might feel God very near to you. One reason is always that being ill there is always the 1% chance you might die. So speaking with God under these circumstances seems to be a good idea because of this as well.

Well. God is very near to me and you as well if this is your wish tonight and all nights if you wish. Nights are always when most people have to face themselves and the dark and try to make peace with their lives and their day that they just lived and any being that were a part of their day.

God is taking care of all his(her, the being's) people and creatures. He always does. I'm just saying this because I'm experiencing it.

He's just cleaning house and all the people who may not have been doing anything criminal, maybe just immoral or unethical are having to face themselves and what they have done now and into the future. We all have been through it. Forgive yourself, vow to not do immoral or unethical things again and likely you will be okay if you actually do it. The one thing I know for sure is that life watches everything we think, feel say or do. There are no secrets kept from life or God. Understanding this and accepting this as a fact makes life both easier and more bearable. I know this has been true for me since I was about 15 years old and realized at least for me, God wasn't and isn't optional.

So, like I said, God's cleaning house. The fix we are in was caused by everyone directly or indirectly. Understanding this will help us move forward to better lives.
God's Cleaning House.

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