Saturday, February 21, 2009

Everything and Nothing

The problem with times like these is that one cannot retreat into individuality because at a core level it is an illusion.

I have contemplated all this for about 60 years and I have come to the conclusion that individuality, money, and time are all illusions like a monopoly game we play to pass the time here on earth. However, it is really just an illusion and a game most people play here on earth. So, I learned to play this game too. However, I have almost always seen it as a game and not the truth or even reality. Just something I do to fit in.

What I decided to add to Everything and Nothing that I found in my personal experience to be the truth of life is compassion(kindness) towards all life. By helping all life in all time and space by being compassionate to it, life becomes meaningful.

Otherwise, one gets lost in the illusion of individuality, money and selfishness and the suffering is absolutely incredible. So, part of my realization is to have compassion and kindness for beings lost in individuality, money and selfishness.

Since God is everything and nothing I am rewarded by my kindness to all beings by being wealthy not just in money but in all ways. The reward from the everything(God)and nothing(God) is all kinds of wealth both mental, spiritual and material.

So, the sooner one finds that one is actually everything and nothing and that individuality is just a game we play here on earth and that money is another element of that game, suffering ends and one is (hopefully) forever at peace being everything and nothing while being kind not only to the beings who understand that they are everything and nothing but also those lost in the incredible suffering of individuality, money and selfishness.

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