Friday, February 20, 2009

Well it happened now what

I was watching a news program about a news commentator on msnbc or cnbc. He was having a tirade about Obama bailing out people losing their houses and saying, "Do you want to pay taxes for people who made mistakes buying houses?" And many of his compatriots agreed.

If this was 2006 or 2007 I might agree with him. But Pragmatically, our nation is like a car in a spin on a turnpike. And he is like the passenger screaming and hitting the driver instead of helping the driver get control of the car so they both don't die.

There is ideology and there is pragmatism. In hard times just like in war, if you are not pragmatic you don't survive. Luckily, Obama is a pragmatist. If he were not a pragmatist he would not have been the first ever black head of the Harvard Law Review or the first Black President. If there is anything that Obama is it is extremely intelligent and pragmatic. There was a saying when I was a young man, "Your Karma just ran over my dogma!" I'm sorry mister commentator, "Life just ran over your dogma!"

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