Friday, February 6, 2009

Broken but not Lost

I was thinking today that for me life in some ways is like being a saddle horse with God as the rider. However, it would be equally true to say I'm a saddle horse to the Laws of Physics and particle physics and be saying as far as I am concerned exactly the same thing. So, in this way I would say that I am a very REAL being as opposed to saying that I am an imaginary one.

I have met many imaginary people in my life who basically live in a fantasy of life rather than living a real life. I suppose in order to stay alive through all the things that life tends to bring we all have to escape into fantasy at times or else we would not be alive or sane now.

However, what I'm trying to get at is that God made me real and equally so, science and physics made me real and the school of hard knocks made me real. So, in the end at times I might be sad but I am never lost.

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