Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another one of my daughter's thoughts

In my opinion, we only try to fit in because our species is trained, no programmed to believe we can't live on our own. The only reason we don't choose do do different things, is because... in the begining we were all boring, and still sort of are, but we yelled at each other when we thought someone was supposedly more "special" then we ourselves were. This happened to many beings. And to themselves. But they didn't think they were special. But we thoguht they were special, and didn't like the fact that we felt awful about it. So we shunned them, shunned others, and shunned ourselves.

My thoughts about this crappy headspace, is that...we as human beings take things to seriously. We, usually don't feel happy about ourselves. Of course, no one really does. we can't change it, we're stuck with it. Some people kill themselves over stupid stuff like this. But the thing is, how would killing yourself solve the problem? You don't know what could happen, (unless your christian and have a pretty good idea) well you sort of do anyway. But I'm not writing this to talk about religion am I? well, my point is, is that humans care about dumb stuff. When we try to not care, it just gets worse...or happens again. We can't change that we're human. We can't change the fact that we care about it. But, what we can change is the ability to become a smarter, nicer person that can teach...other people how to care less about our looks. The idea, is to care less, not to stop caring.

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