Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tracking Time Lines

As a life long precognitive psychic I'm very concerned about what I'm seeing regularly now on earth. In the past there was basically a 50-50 chance of a good outcome for humans on earth on any given time line. However, in the past 5 years this has changed. What I'm observing now is only a 25% chance of good outcomes as I track potential time lines.

I'm trying to make some sense of why this is. What I have come up with that makes sense to me is that human populations existence at this present level is extincting so many species of plants, animals, birds and fish that the Earth is lessening the survival chances for individual humans in order to create a balance.

I know most of you don't necessarily think this way but this is how I see it. If you believe in God (90% do) and even if you don't, seeing earth as an alive sentient being or even just a single ecosystem in place for millions or more years is helpful. What everyone who has studied ecosystems is that nature obhors imbalance. And we are in the most imbalanced (nature wise) state right now in all of human history. So, it is logical that the ecosystem would do whatever it takes to create a balance. Right? Well. That is what is happening right now on every physical and intuitive level.

For example, when I look forward at potential short term time lines for myself (something I do, for example almost every time I leave my house), I notice that there are now about 75% not good time lines and only 25% relatively good ones. If this also holds true for all other humans then we are living in very difficult times indeed.

Another example, that may or may not be true but logically would follow if my initial premise is correct. The TARP money might also have only a 25% chance of success and also the Stimulus package may also only have a 25% chance of success under the present conditions life on earth(especially humans) is presently functioning.

No longer having a 50-50 chance for success(if I am correct) is a very big deal. I hope I'm wrong in my research because if I'm right things are likely to get a whole lot worse. Us humans being thinned out might become the least of our worries. Civilization staying intact and not completely unraveling on most of planet earth might be a much more pressing problem.

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