Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Purple and Sargeant Mark III visit another Galaxy


If you read "Purple Delta 7 Rides Again" which is the previous article in my blog to this one then you know who both Purple Delta 7, Sargeant Mark II and III are, where they came from, for what purpose and what they are doing presently on Earth.


Purple said to Sargeant Mark III, "Mark. There is a message being relayed through from the Galactic Sentience's office through His Oneness' office here in Shamballa."

Sargeant Mark III said immediately alert, "What is it?"

Purple said, "We are to leave this instant and then return this same instant no matter how long we are gone."

Sargeant Mark III said, "Done!"

This was a signal when he said "done" to move instantly to those coordinates in another Galaxy both of their forms even though Mark was plasma and Purple is matter, plasma and electricity in multiple combinations not known technically to present day humans on earth.

Instantly they found themselves in the Swan Galaxy inside a Star there. Since both Sargeant Mark III and Purple Delta 7 operate okay inside a Star they were fine there.

This particular Plasma being in a star in the Swan Galaxy had some questions about the incarnations of the creator of the Milky Way Galaxy. It turned out that the matter and antimatter based Creator of the Swan Galaxy was a relative of the Milky Way Galaxy. It turned out they were brothers. The Brother Galactic Creator of the Swan Galaxy wanted to know how the Creator of the Milky Way Galaxy used millions of incarnations throughout his Galaxy and for what purpose?

Purple asked Sargeant Mark III, "I think you are better able to communicate what is wished. However, I can access whatever historical information that I am allowed to for you." Mark just said, "Okay!"

Mark Said to the Swan Galaxy Star Plasma Envoy, "I am primarily a bodyguard for one of the millions incarnations of the Creator of the Milky Way Galaxy. I can ask for whatever information you want and might get all or some of the information you want for a variety of reasons pertinent to the security of all lifeforms in the Milky Way Galaxy. I will ask through my associate the sentient Robotic form Purple Delta 7 here as she is capable of very long distance communication with the Galactic Core archives.

The Swan Galaxy Star Plasma envoy said, "My Grandfather, your Milky Way Galaxy's brother says that this will be acceptable."

When Purple Delta 7 asked for this information it triggered a response directly through the Galactic Sentience. The Galactic Sentience of the Milky Way Galaxy said to Purple, "Set up your right hand as a view screen hologram of myself." Purple immediately said, "Done!"

So immediatly the Galactic Sentience was a bright fire hologram as that is his natural state, a ball of plasma fire. He then began to speak directly to the Star Plasma Envoy of the Swan Galaxy.

Galactic Sentience, "Greetings Relative in the Swan Galaxy. I am the Creator of the Milky Way Galaxy's Grandson. I am the present Galactic Sentience of our galaxy. My grandfather is in regeneration retirement living out millions of incarnations as various kinds of beings in our past, present and future."

The Star Plasma Being of the Swan Galaxy said, "So, is the purpose of all these incarnations purely for regeneration or for other purposes as well?"

The Galactic Sentience said, "As you may or may not know my Grandfather the Co-Creator of our Milky Way Galaxy is a very spiritually evolved being. My personal skills are primarily organizational and when necessary I am a military strategist."

The Star Plasma Being said, "We are very impressed with our relative's organizational and military skills."

The Galactic Sentience said, "Thank you. We are also very impressed with how well our relatives have taken care of all the beings native to your Galaxy as well."

Star Plasma Being said, "Thank you. Of Course we both know the father and the grandfather of the two brother who each started their own galaxies were very skilled as well so the brothers come from a long line of Galaxy starters."

The Galactic Sentience said, "Yes. Ours is an extremely ancient and skilled family of Galaxy Creators. I can now feel confident that we have each others best interests in mind. May I know go ahead and reveal what it is you wish to know?"

Star Plasma Being said, "By all means valued relative."

The Galactic Sentience said, "Incarnations like Jonathan Flow and others are for as you might have guessed multiple purposes. My Grandfather discovered many amazing things because of his unique nature. One of the things is that not only can Creators regenerate life in their bodies by projecting consciousness into various types of lifeforms in our galaxy that are thousands to millions of times smaller than our bodies but also that Being and Time and Space is altered into multiple new dimensions by so doing. He has found that consciousness time and space and physical time and space both alter each other and this understanding has changed his concept of the nature of what both life and the universe is. Though previous ancestor Creators understood some aspects of this. He has taken this knowledge further. He only hasn't shared all this yet because he is not sure what the long term consequences of this knowledge might be. He isn't sure what this will create in the long term of galaxies civilizations or the civilizations of Galactic Plasma Beings."

Star Plasma Being said, "Amazing! So he has taken this research in a direction that no other Creator of Galaxies has chosen to."

The Galactic Sentience, "Yes. And though he considers what he is doing risky in some ways, he believes the potential for good for all creators far outweighs the risk to his continued existence. Also, as he has said many times,'how many billions of years does a being want to exist?'".

Star Plasma Being said, "Yes. That does sound like a very ancient Galaxy Creator."

The Galactic Sentience said, "He has left instructions that if certain kinds of anomalies take place that we should either wake him up under certain circumstances or in other circumstances we should eat him to make the aberrations(if they take place) stop.

Star Plasma Being said, "This makes complete sense. He is doing research for our whole family then?"

The Galactic Sentience said, "Yes. We are very proud of his self sacrifice as a researcher not only for Creators of Galaxies throughout the universe but also for all the many lifeforms that have come to be within galaxies or who will come to be within galaxies in the future."

Star Plasma Being said, "That you for taking time from your busy schedule to inform us of this amazing research."

The Galactic Sentience said, "We have done probability searches and found that his chance for success that will benefit all Creators and all lifeforms is anywhere from a 75% to 95% chance of incredible success."

Star Plasma Being said, "We then agree and completely support this research as long as it is freely shared with all our family of Creators when and if it is successfully completed."

The Galactic Sentience said, "We agree also, revered relative. I must return on pressing business. I have enjoyed our family conversation."

Star Plasma Being said, "Blessings be upon our Family of Creators."

The Galactic Sentience said, "Blessings be upon our Family of Creators."

Instantly Purple Delta 7 and Sargeant Mark III and the Galactic Sentience were all back in their respective right places within the Milky Way Galaxy.

Purple Delta 7 and Sargeant Mark III found themselves once again on the northern California Coast and fairly blown out by that event.

Sargeant Mark III said, "You know, Purple. That may have been the single most amazing experience of this lifetime."

Purple said, "Yes. I thought blowing up a solar system was amazing but that was even better. How often does one listen to beings millions and billions of years old talk about what they are trying to do to advance Life in all its myriad forms?"

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