Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fulfilling Needs

Ever since the dawn of time humans before religion, tools and language and after religion, tools and language have been trying to fulfill their needs sometimes successfully for a time and sometimes not. Everything tends to go in cycles and the present one we are in was caused by too much short term fulfilling needs without a lot of long term 10,20,50,100,1000 year fulfilling humanity's needs going on. And as a result we basically have the financial collapse of world civilization. Whether this is temporary as in the Great Depression 1929 until 1945 or so or the present collapse which actually began for all intents and purposes 9-11-2001 and continues on into the present. I think the present beginning of this collapse dovetails into that date. Others might disagree. However, before that date we had an incredible surplus in government money in the U.S. and now we have the biggest deficit in the history of mankind. So, starting this with the events of 9-11-01 make the most sense in regard to best understanding what we are experiencing now.

Before 9-11-01 there was general agreement upon earth that the present monetary system was to a greater or lesser degree useful to most peoples and governments on earth. However, for whatever reason this general agreement on the world financial system ended for all intents and purposes. I cannot properly explain this to you. I just know this was the beginning of the end of the world financial system.

Because you can't have a financial system unless enough people believe in it like a religion. So what we have starting in 9-11-01 is atheists who no longer believed in the world economic system. This grew in many segments of society not just Muslim as all people began to question the world's economic system and culminated in the election of President Obama which would have been unthinkable in 9-11-01. So there has been a sea change in world operating philosophy both in regard to religion or the lack of it and just in general what money meant or didn't mean in the last almost 8 years since then. I think most people in the world don't understand what all these philosphical changes meant. Even watching Bill Mayers "Religulous" doesn't even touch the real angst involved in these earth shaking and money shaking world belief changes that are upon us. So, the need to feel secure in a religious sense is somehow destroying our present beliefs in the monetary system on earth. How all this will play out over the next 100 or even 1000 years is anyone's guess.

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