Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whole Foods Please Stay Around

I grew up a vegetarian with parents that were into Organic Foods in the 1950s. Though there was a good Health food Store with organic food in Glendale, California when I grew up there were no supermarket chains of health food stores like Whole Foods.

In the latest downturn I'm hearing that Whole Foods Stocks have fallen over 50%. I'm concerned about them staying in business.

My idea for the Whole Foods chain is to one or more days a week have a farmers market in part of their parking lots. By selling spaces to local farmers and even people who have a few fruit trees in their yard or people growing organic foods in their back yards or nearby fields, they could draw in many customers that would not only buy the farmer's market food sold in booths in half of their parking lots but also draw customers into their stores. In this way the community could be served in multiple ways and they just might be able to stay in business as well.

I had to wait most of my life for a good supermarket style health food store chain with organic foods. I don't want to lose that luxury. If it goes it might not come back.

Whole Foods please stay alive!

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