Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Living Dharma

If you believe you are Living Dharma then likely you are. This is just in the nature of the universe and all its elements. If you have studied any particle physics you find that since no experiment can be conducted without the experimenter influencing the experiment in some way even by his or her presence, we find from this that in actuality there IS NO objective reality anywhere. Nothing tends to be concrete and unmoving.

As a being I see that there is only Being, Nonbeing and Kindness. All else is subject to change. You will find no certainty whatever in life except in these three states as a being.

If you really are living dharma then you at least once in awhile will experience life this way even though it makes most of us nauseous to do so simply because to not realize this some of the time is to live a lie and to live in ignorance.

Those of us who have had time to prove in real time the precepts of Being, NonBeing and Kindness can then look at all living things in this context and develop a feeling of compassion for all beings who do not also experience the fullness of the universe and its natural laws.

For example, we have dualistic religions that where one says Up is UP and if you don't believe that you must die. Then we have another religion that says up is down and if you don't believe that you must die and then there are other religions that say that up and down don't exist except in your mind. Look out into the night sky. You tell me what absolute up and absolute down is. Your right. It doesn't exist. Only relativity exists.

Relativity exists in all things but one of the only truths I know as a being is that if I am kind to myself and others life always seems to get better and simaltaneously I have watched my whole life people who are not kind, have accidents, get sick and often die. This also appears to be one of the natural laws of the universe. Basically, "what goes around comes around" inexorably.

So. Since there appears to be no absolute reality except Being, Nonbeing and Kindness then understanding this and seeing what one can do with this is in each beings enlightened self interest.

From this premise it follows that a being only exists because it believes it does and then when it doesn't want to exist for a time it enters into nonbeing to rest until it wishes to come into existence again.

In Tibetan Buddhism this is called 'Spontaneous arisal from voidness'.

My first experience with Voidness was when I soul traveled to the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy in the early 1970s simply because I could. I did it for the same reason many surfers look for the perfect wave. HOwever, I was unprepared for the Voidness one experiences when one leaves the galaxy. My experience of it was like being dropped in the middle of the ocean with no stars above me. It was a place not conducive to Being and I was terrified.

So I came back to my physical body here on earth and decided to never soul travel again so terrified of this experience was I. About 7 years later I met a Tibetan Lama and I learned aura to aura(just being in his presence what the void was all about. Soon after this I learned to soul travel to thousands of other galaxies just like Buddha.

But I did not reach this state until I was about 33 years old. Also, I had thought it took energy to go from point A to point B anywhere in time and space. I was wrong. I learned all one had to do was to know they were there and they were. It is much like as you begin to wake up in the morning you remember where you are. However, in this case you remember where you want to be and you are.

Every Living Dharma Being that knows and believes that is what they are is for this is in the nature of the universe. For in the end all those really enlightened understand this difficult truth: "Belief Creates Reality!"

Though children do it the best it is definitely not for the childish and immature.

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