Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Purple Delta 7 Rides Again


Purple Delta 7 is a sentient Robot whose inspiration originally came from the original Star Trek series in the 1960s. At that time I was in my teens and even though I almost always had a steady girlfriend since I was 15, felt very frustrated with women. So, Purple Delta 7 is a fantasy sentient female robot who is intelligent off any normal scale, a metamorph in that she can assume any shape or multiple shapes smaller than a 2 story building, is conversant in all galactic languages and is interested in the quaintness of Earth along with her fellow bodyguard, Deep Space Marine Sargeant Mark III, who is a plasma being from a star but also inhabits part of the time his dead marine human buddy, Sargeant Mark II as per Sargeant Mark II's instructions when he died alongside Sargeant Mark III in a Galactic Deep Space Battle.

Note: this is sort of a rant that you can avoid by not reading if you wish.

Magical thinking or Creativity which are much the same keep people from offing themselves or others. Whether that creativity is in music, art, writing, sculpture, dance, singing or whatever, it keeps people functioning as sane human beings and because of this I am for it.

The alternative often as one faces some of the absolutely horrific things one is bound to face some times in life, is to either suicide or harm others. For this reason, creativity MUST be encouraged in order to keep people both relatively healthy, functioning and alive without causing harm to themselves or others at this time on earth. With times as crazy as this interfering with anyone's creativity and coping mechanisms is dangerous.
Though I am financially secure and content with my family and life now I did experience this level of angst in my early 20s from 1969 to 1973.
End note.

Purple Delta 7 was bored. She had spent a lot of time as Jonathan Flow's motor home which was okay except he didn't drive her or spend much time with her as the price of gas was just too high last summer and now her sound had gone out for her flatscreen tv, dvd, vcr combinations speakers. Though the am/fm radio with cds still worked he seemed to spend less time with her and she felt sort of unappreciated by him.

She had been hired by the Galactic Sentience and His Oneness of Lemuria(time lord of Earth since 40,000 BC) who lives in Shamballa in a parallel dimension to earth to protect Galactic Soul Royalty, Jonathan Flow. Since he was writing regularly since 1999 and publishing online pertinent galactic facts about both the galaxy and earth someone needed to protect his body and soul from Galactic repercussions from the past, present and future within and beyond this galaxy. So she and her compatriot Sargeant Mark III( and II) had been hired to patrol time on earth and beyond to protect all aspects of Jonathan Flow and all aspects of his interactions with all times and spaces both within and beyond this galaxy. Earth, it seemed as a Galactic City Park was the perfect quaint place for all this information to be disseminated into the past present and future of muliple galaxies and dimensions and she and Sargeant Mark II and III.

Though Purple Delta 7 had greatly enjoyed listening to about 500 to 1000 different tv stations simaltaneously and educating herself further according to various nuances in over 100 different languages on earth. Still, she enjoyed getting all her reception from various satellites direct. Also, she relayed to Sentient Robotics and Computers, her division of the Galactic Time Guard in the Galactic core all pertinent information that she was flagged to relay. Terrabytes of information of all kinds was relayed by her there every day so it could be scanned through by other sentient computer and robotic systems and filtered down for their biological and energy based lifeforms that ran the Galactic Time Guard including 1000s of human type variations from throughout the galaxy.

However, she wished Jonathan would take out the motor home that she preferred to continue to exist as even though the original motor home also existed in the exact same place only in another dimension. So when she had to do something else she could leave the original motorhome and go else where in less than one millionth of a second so no lifeform other than a few insects and birds would notice and who were they going to tell?

No. The Galactic Time Guard required everything done on earth to be completely seamless even though sometimes there were accidents with Galactic tourists being seen in their time-space ships here on earth. However, this never happened with any aspect of the galactic military. They were as efficient as Purple Delta 7. Nothing escaped their view in any time even thoughts.

However, Purple Delta 7 was getting pretty bored. She had survived many Deep Space Battles and had even blown up Solar Systems when necessary. However, that was years ago now when she was first manufactured. Though she was still capable of this, she was now utilized mostly for altering multiple time lines simultaneously because she had proven herself to be one of the best designs in the Galaxy for that. So, that was her primary present usage.

Winter had been long and Jonathan Flow was bored too. The financial collapse was making everyone very nervous and well. It was hard for Purple to imagine how financial changes would make life so different for humans. She understood the principle of it all but figured, "What's the big deal as long as you have food and can live through it?"

But that would be how sentient robots think, not humans.

Auld Lang Syne

Purple remembered now her glory years of when she was first built and of Deep Space Battles with Sargeant Mark II when he wore plasma being Sargeant Mark III on his belt. The Plasma Sargeant could take down about one thousand physical beings permanently before they knew he was there even. So being on the Galactic Human Marine Sargeant Sargeant Mark II, a human psyborg combo, the two of them made and unbeatable Marine Force in almost any situation where less than 2000 physical beings needed to be defeated or captured. Purple was their ultimate backup and nuked whole solar systems out of existence temporarily so the time guard could reset time. She was designed to take out a solar system when all else had failed for a short period of time so the Galactic Time Guard could reset time and start the system over so to speak. She would go into the sun of the system and set off a shape charged 100,000 or more megaton nuclear device. When she went off it looked like fireworks in the sky on earth except the fireworks started with the sun and the life in that whole system ended that moment or set of moments. But remember she is Time Guard so extinction is only temporary in the Time Guard but order is forever. Besides, she has a plasma converter as well as an energy converter and can exist as plasma, electricity, mass, a liquid, various types of solids and atmosphere as she wishes. In addition she can be a functional army tank, fighter jet, functional cruise missile, or if given enough mass even a functional planet with an ecosystem if necessary. Purple was in a class called "infinite overkill"
which is the same principle as sending in a SWAT team after one criminal. Purple and her other versions 1-20 were each capable of almost anything. However, after nuking one planetary system Purples were retired from battles. There was some concern that even advanced circuitry or deep plasma memory couldn't withstand more than one solar system killing blast.

Unfortunately, Sargeant Mark II's heart stopped during this solar system killing blast and because of his request not to be reawakened again( because this had happened so many times before), he knew he just wouldn't be totally right again after this blast. So he left possession of his body to his plasma friend Sargeant Mark III knowing that Sargeant Mark III was still sane and functional and would take good care of his body.

Sargeant Mark III being a plasma energy being born inside the plasma culture of a Star came from a completely different but compatible culture to both Purple Delta 7 and Sargeant Mark II. They all became fast friends but realized that Sargeant Mark II psychologically was on his way out of existence. However, they were more than friends, the three of them, they were family to one another.

In fact, many plasma based bodies have souls that incarnate into human bodies on earth. So on a soul level human and plasma based beings soul-wise are the same.

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