Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fulfilling Needs

Ever since the dawn of time humans before religion, tools and language and after religion, tools and language have been trying to fulfill their needs sometimes successfully for a time and sometimes not. Everything tends to go in cycles and the present one we are in was caused by too much short term fulfilling needs without a lot of long term 10,20,50,100,1000 year fulfilling humanity's needs going on. And as a result we basically have the financial collapse of world civilization. Whether this is temporary as in the Great Depression 1929 until 1945 or so or the present collapse which actually began for all intents and purposes 9-11-2001 and continues on into the present. I think the present beginning of this collapse dovetails into that date. Others might disagree. However, before that date we had an incredible surplus in government money in the U.S. and now we have the biggest deficit in the history of mankind. So, starting this with the events of 9-11-01 make the most sense in regard to best understanding what we are experiencing now.

Before 9-11-01 there was general agreement upon earth that the present monetary system was to a greater or lesser degree useful to most peoples and governments on earth. However, for whatever reason this general agreement on the world financial system ended for all intents and purposes. I cannot properly explain this to you. I just know this was the beginning of the end of the world financial system.

Because you can't have a financial system unless enough people believe in it like a religion. So what we have starting in 9-11-01 is atheists who no longer believed in the world economic system. This grew in many segments of society not just Muslim as all people began to question the world's economic system and culminated in the election of President Obama which would have been unthinkable in 9-11-01. So there has been a sea change in world operating philosophy both in regard to religion or the lack of it and just in general what money meant or didn't mean in the last almost 8 years since then. I think most people in the world don't understand what all these philosphical changes meant. Even watching Bill Mayers "Religulous" doesn't even touch the real angst involved in these earth shaking and money shaking world belief changes that are upon us. So, the need to feel secure in a religious sense is somehow destroying our present beliefs in the monetary system on earth. How all this will play out over the next 100 or even 1000 years is anyone's guess.

Global Warming Caused International Security Threat

I think it is obvious to every thinking person that the world economic Crisis upon us all is as serious or more so than what happened during the 1930s and 1940s on earth at that time.

When I analyze all the information worldwide that I can find anywhere I realize that unfortunately here in the United States there is really nothing outside of Government intervention that will stop the downward motion of the stock market from 14,000 to now 7,000 to 5,000 to 3,000 to 2,000 and even 1,000. Because of this the whole world faces threats unseen in the United States since the Civil War in the 1860s.

A friend and I were talking and he was saying the stress he is experiencing is a 10 on a scale of 10 and we were talking about how many people in the civilized world may not be capable of surviving anything over a 5 on a scale of 10. The reason for this is so many Americans and Europeans have never had to deal with anything as serious as what we are facing. We both agreed only kick Ass people would survive out the other side of this worldwide mess.

Already there are riots in Russia because of the 80% downturn in their stock market and there is talk of a new Russian revolution. This kind of thing is happening worldwide and though it the information is regularly repressed has been going on in China in a never ending cycle for thousands of years now. However, it gets better there if enough people get fed on any given day or year.

This kind of thing is very common worldwide. However, here in America we have been shielded from this kind of thing since the Civil War. I can tell you with Certainty that if the Stock Market goes down to 3000, 2000 or 1000 we may see a french revolution type scenario even here the the USA. However, because Obama is trying to help the middle and lower classes get enough food and survive this it is very unlikely at present.

However, There is a saying that goes like, "Any civilization is only a few meals away from revolution." In other words if large groups of people don't have food to eat just for a few days revolutions tend to begin. This is the primary International Security threat to mankind worldwide at present. So, keep those people fed worldwide or you can kiss your governments goodbye!

15% of requested water given to California's Farmers

Only 15% of the water California Farmers requested will be given to them this year because of the drought and the low snow pack in the Sierras and Southern Cascades and Trinity Mountains this year.

This is causing many farmers in California to not to grow at all and will affect the prices and the availability of many farm goods throughout the U.S. this year. California, ARizona, Florida and a few other states are the only ones in the U.S. with 4 growing Seasons in a year. Since generally, California's Sacramento, San Juaquin and Salinas Valleys have the richest farm soil on earth this is a problem for the U.S. and potentially the whole world in increased farm goods prices.Also, California grows 25% of the produce sold in the United States. It will affect also feed being too high in many cases to feed to animals as well. This might aggravate an already difficult market for Dairies, Cattle, Sheep etc. Planning ahead for these difficulties and studying about them will help consumers, farmers and ranchers to protect themselves and their livelihoods during the next few years.

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Most reliable Car

My most reliable car I still have because even though I bought it new in 2000 it still drives just like a new car. It is a 2000 rx300 Lexus SUV 4wd. Because it is a full time 4 wheel drive it is the most amazing car on pavement I have ever driven in both snow and rain. It's braking system has saved my life more than once and it has also been the single most reliable car I have ever driven for 160,000 miles. Because we have maintained it it still drives like a new car. My only complaints would be fogging lenses on the headlights that I will have to replace or get a kit and rub it down and micro sand it off so I can see better at night. The only problem we have had so far is that my wife tried to pull the keys out of the ignition near Mt. Rainier in Washington with the whole family without first turning the ignition off. This caused the security system to seize up but because it was a fault with the car and because it was less than 3 months old we didn't have to pay for it being towed several hours to Seattle(luckily our family fit in the wide back seat in the oversize tow truck) or the 6000 dollars that Lexus had to eat for fixing the car. However, my wife never did that again. All we had to pay for was our hotel in Tacoma which was the nearest Lexus Dealer to Mt. Rainier, Washington for a couple of days and then they gave us a duplicate loan car to our own to finish our vacation in Mt. Rainier and then went back to Tacoma to pick up our fixed car before we proceeded up into Canada with our own fixed car back in 2000. So, other than that early experience it has been the single most trouble free car I have ever owned. My wife now drives a 2009 version while I still drive most of the time my old friend, the 2000 xl300.

Fastest Car I have owned. Though my 2000 Lexus xl300 has a speedometer that goes to 140 mph I have never driven it that fast even though likely it could because it is designed to go that fast on the German Autobahn like most good expensive luxury cars.

However, my fastest car that I have driven that fast was a 1968 Camaro 327 Metallic Blue car that I put superwide tires on for cornering while driving fast on curves. Since the front end suspension is fairly stiff one can do quick turns at high speed without the car turning over like most other cars of those days would except for Mustangs and european sports cars and maybe Corvette's and a few other American cars of that era. It was the single fastest car from about 20 mph to 70 that I have ever owned. My cousin had an XKE Jaguar that he let me drive that literally went from 20 to 70 in one second and one was completely pasted back against the seat while doing this.
Though my friend owned a 56 chevy that he built up as a street racer with a Hurst Shifter with 18 inch wide slicks(that were still street legal in 1969) I rode with him and other friends who raced on the streets. However, I found myself more into racing against myself on mountain rodes to see how fast I could drive my Camaro without dying. However, I was about 20 at the time and my favorite road to do this then was the road up from La Canada to Mt. Wilson Observatory overlooking the Los Angeles Basin and suburbia.

The Best mileage car that I ever owned was I believe a 1971? VW diesel Rabbit. It was the single most gutless car I have ever owned but if you wanted to take 2 people and very little else long distance in the 1980s there was no car I knew of then with higher mileage. However, if you weren't used to diesel engines and didn't change your oil often enough it got all clogged up from all the carbonization from the diesel over time. It had a manual glow plug for starting in cold weather which was problematic if it was very cold out also.

My favorite off road 4 wheel drive I ever owned was a 1974 6 cylinder International Harvest Scout II. I can remember pushing about 2 to 2 1/2 feet of snow out in the boonies in the Mt. Shasta area one winter and realized suddenly that nothing would ever pull me out for 4 to 6 months if I got stuck because nothing was better in dirt with snow on it than what I was in. Not only did it have incredible ground clearance and 4 wheel drive but it had a locked rear end which made it as close to all wheel drive as what was available back then. One time I blew out the joiner to the transfer case to the rear drive drive shaft. So I just pulled off the drive shaft. So I just drove it around in 4 wheel drive for a while(just the front wheels pulling) while I found another connector to the front of my drive shaft at a local parts store(I had to order one.) I think that the International Scout II's were probably the best 4 wheel drive that came stock that I've ever driven if you wanted a stock off road vehicle that you didn't have to modify in some way.

I also loved my 1965 1300 VW bug that I put and exhaust extractor(for power and sound) and a camber compensator(so it would turn over with intense cornering) and I also bought the first steel belted radials that were available in the U.S. through Sears then in 1965. Radial tires within 10 years completely took over the tire business because they were 2 to three times safer than tires before in regard to both handling and stopping. So many people died from shoe brakes especially in big trucks but also in cars from brake fade that disc brakes slowly took over too and saved thousands of lives since then.

My parents bought me my 1965 bug for college. Then I bought my 68 camaro when I started working as a computer programmer. However, eventually I kept the Camaro in the family but bought another bug when I returned to college in 1971 to 73. It was a 1966 bug but was I believe either a 1500 or 1600 engine. This bug took me 150,000 miles in the next 5 years or 30,000 miles a year. Luckily, gas was cheap enough for me to drive places to places like Utah and Colorado and to visit a girlfriend in Santa Fe from San Diego where I lived then. Taking buddies to Rock Climbing in Yosemite Valley and up to Mt. Shasta for hiking, climbing the mountain and eventually moving there with my first wife in 1976. We bought Fisher Cross Country Skis in Ashland, Oregon for a good price in 1976 and we were on our way to years of happy skiing in Mt. Shasta from Bunny Flats to 7 mile curve and up to Horse CAmp even in 20 to 40 feet of snow which happened pretty often back then in the early to late spring. However, if you are cross country skiing in over 20 feet of snow remember don't go to close to tree tops where the snow is melted out 3 feet. I broke a cornice between two trees a few years back and fell down about 10 feet into a tree. That wasn't fun to recover from. I found myself standing on a tree limb 10 feet down with another 10 to 20 feet to go if I went to ground so I had to take off my skis throw them up and out and ask my buddy to help me out onto the snow because I couldn't push off the top of the tree to get up onto the snow. I really learned my lesson because I was at least 55 when I did this not 20 something or 30 something anymore. So it was a little scary to recover from.

My first vehicle was a 1956 Ford STationwagon automatic. I called this my Surf WAgon because I saw myself as a surfer and had many buddies who surfed too. So we would drive down the freeway with 3 to 5 ten foot long surfboards hanging out the back end of the stationwagon. We liked to surf in Malibu, HUntington Beach and if we headed south to Huntington Beach we often went to KNots Berry Farm just for kicks as well.

I also owned a 1976 Datsun (now Nissan) long bed truck that I built a wooden camper for with a skylight and plexiglas back door with a sleeping platform inside and a nice storage area underneath the bed. We traveled with it from Mt. Shasta to Arcata and the REdwood coast and back then in 1976. Eventually my first wife and I broke up and I left the truck for her to drive and bought myself a 1976 Toyota Long bed TRuck and bought a cabover 6 pack Camper for it and stayed in it when I worked on remote construction jobs away from my home in San Diego at that time.

I also owned a 1976 VW Rabbit that was pretty powerful for a small car. It had a four speed stick shift. I took my surf rack and put piece of plywood up there in place of where the surfboards went and put up on top a large tent the kind used in Campgrounds for a family and camp stove and sleeping bags and took my new family(now two step kids, my son from my first marriage and my new wife 1980) up to Banff and Jasper in Canada. The kids were young enough to fit into the back seat and with all the gear on the roof we made it from Mt. Shasta, California all the way up to Jasper. I was amazed at the turquoise Lake Louis and all the water coming out of Glaciers that far north that had this amazing taste of being prehistoric since it last fell out of the sky or was even liquid. So thousands of years had passed since it had become the glaciers so it tasted really amazing.

Motorcycles. I started at age 10 or 12 with a little Wren by Bird. It was a mini bike with a 2 1/2 horsepower tecumseh gas powered motor with a centrifugal clutch. However, it could do about 35 mph once it got going. Its biggest difficulty was stopping as the braking system was poor. I can remember driving it across my High School Parking lot when I was 12 or 13 and the throttle getting stuck at about 35 mph. The only way I survived was to slam my feet down at the last moment before I ran into the chain link fence of the tennis courts so I could bring the min bike up so the seat cushion hit my chest so my face wasn't destroyed on the fence. It worked and only my neck hurt a little from the concussion after I started to breathe again.

Though my father's friend had a Vespa, I sort of destroyed the clutch on it when I was 12 running it in to deep a sand in the desert. next, my Dad bought a Honda 90 Trail bike that had two ranges hi and low. Low top speed in the highest gear was about 10 to 15 mph. Whereas in the hi range it could go about 45 mph to 50 top speed on the highways and dirt roads.

I bought a Matchless 600 thumper(single cylinder for instant response) hill climber from England when I was about 17. It was geared so low for hill climbing that you had to be very careful starting off or the bike would snap you on your butt and be on top of you. So I learned to start off usually in 2nd or 3rd gear to avoid landing on my butt with the bike on top of me. Top Speed was only 45 mph because of the really large rear sprocket. When I ran it too fast it blew up but luckily the chain didn't take my leg off it only wound around the front sprocket and burnt my leg with hot crankcase oil.

At night since the Matchless 600 thumper(single cylinder) had a straight steel pipe and it blew flame out of it if I rode it at night across the desert.

When this bike blew up I got a World War II BSA 500 that had been used in North Africa during the War. It had a half inch thick metal plate to protect the engine right underneath. Though it was a very heavy bike compared to todays bikes it could always be kick started in any weather and was incredibly reliable even though it only had seat spring suspension in back and an unusual suspension in front from that era of world war II.

But my favorite Motorcycle I ever owned was a 1974 Honda 250XL dirt street combo that was street licensed. This bike I purchased in 1975 as the previous owner had had an accident with it and slightly dented the silver gas tank. However, I owned this motorcycle from 1975 until 1989 and always loved it and had many amazing adventures on it over the years.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Advanced Soul Travel

I think it might be useful to read "The Basics of Soul Travel" first before you read this one unless you have years of experience soul traveling and then if that is true then this article will be two professional soul travelers comparing notes instead.

I'm jumping right into advanced soul travel because I think it is safer to do it this way. For most of you I'm writing this so you will know what is possible. I don't expect people to try any of this the first time out because it took me 40 years to fully understand the things experiencially that I'm sharing here. Just like researchers in all fields may theoretically understand something but take a lifetime to fully experience it in a more useful way. This article is the same.

Please suspend disbelief so that you might in a theoretical way at least grasp these concepts.

First of all there are two realities (or more) for each person. There is physical reality and then there is consciousness reality. Most people do not get how interrelated these two real things are. And most people do not get that both these things are equally real.

So, consciousness affects physical reality and physical reality affects consciousness. So what I'm saying to you is that both are equally real.

You might ask "How does consciousness affect physical reality." Well, I can demonstrate this most easily by this method. First, imagine human beings without language, religion or homes, houses, tools or anything but their bare hands. One day someone got tired of having their hands scratched or bit off by lions and tigers, got angry and grabbed a long stick or limb they broke off from a tree and impaled the lion who was eating his or her family nearby. Imagine that this was the beginning of both language and of religion and tools all in one fell swoop. And at this moment the human race that got us to here was on its merry way.

How physical reality affects consciousness is much easier to describe. The lion eating this ancient man or woman's family made the human scream, get engraged and homicidal toward the lion, to the point of breaking off a tree limb and impaling the lion and then eating the lion for dinner and starting both a religion and language and singing around this powerful event in human prehistory.

So, now you can see both how consciousness affects reality and how reality affects consciousness. Unless we see both as equally real we are blinded by a delusional way of seeing reality as being only the physical which in reality is only half of the equation. And people who see only the physical as real are incredibly vulnerable to those who see both as real. And sometimes this vulnerability leads to either insanity or death of whole groups of people or individuals both on earth and beyond.

So, to be a wise human being (or just being) one must first recognize that every thought, feeling or spoken word is in its own way equally as real in every sense as every physical action or reaction that takes place on earth or beyond.

The above perception is necessary to survive advanced soul travel and not die or go crazy in the process.

Next, through 40 years of research I have come to the conclusion that it would be possible to build a vehicle that someone who was a soul traveler could navigate. This vehicle could contain thousands or millions of humans and this vehicle could instantly go from any one physical place to any other one physical place in the universe instantly with relatively little physical power used. You may have seen this type of thing in the movie "Dune". However, for me it is not just theoretical it is an actual thing that I believe is technologically possible by combining the skills of a soul traveler with the technology yet to be developed here on earth at least. I do believe this technology has been invented and used elsewhere and I also believe many visitors to earth use this technology and have since before the prehistory of humans on earth.

Many particle physicists believe that the universe functions more as a thought than as a physical reality. This also agrees with my experience of 40 years as a soul traveler. Physical reality is to me only a slightly more apparently physically real reality than thoughts. There really is very little (if any) real difference between thoughts and physical reality. In our culture there is a big difference but in actuality there is very little real difference. This is my experience after soul traveling all over our galaxy and at this point thousands of others.

Though our galaxy is as unique as any individual human is it is no more unique than any other galaxy I have visited through soul travel. Also, souls though they tend to incarnate only in one galaxy I have experienced having taken incarnation in more than one galaxy and I do not feel I am that unique. At least 10% of the souls of this galaxy have taken incarnation in other galaxies. In fact the percentage could well be much higher than this.

So, what soul travel has taught me more than anything else is just how creative souls tend to be and what an amazing diversity of ideas exist throughout all time and space and how many different ways there actually are to solve similar problems.

Unless you have a need to soul travel it may or may not be useful to you. For me, it is a hunger like I and many others share that want to fly planes, surf waves, ride motorcycles across the vast deserts and explore earth and the universe. Most soul travelers are risk takers and explorers by nature. They want to see the other side of the mountain, the other side of the planet. They want to meet interesting people and explore every nook and cranny of the universe. If this is also you then as long as you are careful you too will be okay just like I have been through the last 40 years of soul travel.

The Basics of Soul Travel

To an actual(not just imaginary) soul traveler their body is more like a home, a car, a motor home, a plane that is a motor home, a ship, or even ones bed or a favorite pair of shoes.

Though many people experience that they are their body and nothing else, this point of view absolutely prevents soul travel from ever consciously happening. Everyone soul travels in their dreams at night to other places and dimensions and even in daydreams people soul travel even if they don't realize it. So, everyone soul travels they just aren't really necessarily aware that this is always happening or the full rules or laws that govern it.

My experience was that as a child I was told that one could learn to soul travel and that it was a very useful thing in ones spiritual evolution towards Godhood(moving towards oneness with God). So, I was taught that one seeks to be one with God like one seeks to be one with or to make love to their Beloved.

So, for me, developing a passion for being with God all the time was equally as real as the passion most people naturally have for finding their true soul mate.

So, in my teens I started to combine my love and passion for God with my love and passion for finding my Beloved as a soul mate. I learned that this way of viewing the universe is called Tantra(Secret and very powerful spiritual practices).

So, at one point I prayed to God starting about age 17 to help me soul travel. After this prayer I began to have dreams of soul travel more regularly. For example, often in my dreams I started flying. For example, I would be walking up on Mt. Shasta with friends and I would have wings like an angel and so would they and I would jump up into the air and flap my wings and drift back to earth while flapping my wings. Then I had a dream where I was dressed ancient Greecian style only my Greecian Gown was electric Blue like a Greek God. Something was wrong on the ground as I flew by several thousands feet up. I flew like Superman. Because there was something wrong I shot lightning bolts from my right hand at the ground to correct the problem. I still remember the feeling of power like a policeman or soldier correcting a problem on the ground below. These two types of dreams took me toward actually being able to soul travel in my early 20s.

Since I was always very intuitively aware I was able at age 20 to sense what my 20s were going to be like and I did not like what I foresaw. I decided to project my consciousness permanently out of my body and die because I did not want to experience what was coming in my life. I climbed up on top of my father's garage in the desert in the summertime between the two skylights and laid down in my sleeping bag and tried to project my soul permanently from my body. Though I succeeded angels met me and told me, "You are not allowed to do this. You must live through your 20s. However, we will give you a gift. Your body need only be a reference point and not a prison as it is for many people." Though this saddened me to have to come back into my body and live my life I began to experience that my body had become a reference point and no longer a prison as the angels had told me. This made all pain, both emotional, mental, physical and spiritual much more manageable for me to endure. I could now more easily withdraw when things got bad into other places and dimensions to protect myself and my soul from harm.

In 1971 I was living with my parents and attending Palomar College in San Marcos, California and San Diego State University. I had a bad cold and I had found that going to the desert where it is very dry often can end a bad cold or even flu much more quickly than by other means. So I asked a friend if I could go out and stay in their desert cabin by myself to "dry out" my cold over one weekend so it wouldn't keep me out of college the next week.

I went out and stayed in the resort cabin alone. It is about 2 to 3 hours Drive from San Diego County where I then lived. I went to sleep and then realized I had to pee. So I got up and walked sleepily into the bathroom. However, when I tried to turn on the light switch my whole arm went through the wall instead. I was terrified! My thought was "OH Shit! I'm going to die!" It took everything I had to calm myself like a soldier in distress and move into a warrior mode and be disciplined. I thought quickly how one solves this problem and remembered reading at the Mythrus book store in La Jolla, California in San Diego County. It said one who found themselves outside their body should go to their body and lie down into it. So, I walked into the other room where my body was sleeping and when I saw my body I thought I would faint because this was extremely disorienting at that moment. But I stayed disciplined and stood near my feet turned around and laid down into my body. My body woke up with me in it and we shook in shock. I went into physical shock and trauma from the experience. I got up and packed up all my things and loaded them into my 1966 VW Bug and drove home to San Diego County even though it was 3 or 4 in the morning. As I drove away I said to God,"God! You almost killed me with that. Please give me a Good experience of soul travel!"

God granted my wish within a few months. I woke up in the night in Rancho Bernardo where I lived then and sat up and noticed I was out of my body from my hips to the top of my head. I turned around and watched my body peacefully sleeping. Then something that blew my mind happened. Another me, wearing the same pajamas as the other two me's walked into the room with an angelic look upon its face. It laid down into me and then we laid down into my physical body. Somehow all this worked for me. I said, "Thank you, God! I get it!" This was the paradigm shift I needed from God. I knew completely that human beings existed with or without bodies. I knew not only could I soul travel but that God had given me an even more precious gift, he had shown me that souls exist independently of bodies as well as in conjunction with them. I was immortal! God had shown me personally that I was immmortal and had given me permission to soul travel consciously for his purposes!

This was the conscious beginning of it all for me in 1971 in Rancho Bernardo, California.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I like the new communication style of government under Obama. I think if we are very lucky it will function like open source software, for example like Firefox and UBUNTU and other open source software where thousands of people participate in creating the best free software on earth. By visiting you can directly participate in how the bailout money is spent. This creates accountability and it also creates transparency as much as possible. Just like open source programs that can be infinitely improved and modified into perfection, so can you help perfect our system of government and help to create the recovery America and the world seeks to help save both the money, lives and savings and property of all the peoples of earth.

OF Dragons and other Visions

I remember at age 2 knowing what all adults and children thought around me. Of course at that age I didn't really know what to do with this information yet. However, I assumed everyone did this too. As time went on whether all children could do this at one time or not most were promptly conditioned that it wasn't possible to actually do this(even though we all could at the time). However, luckily I wasn't one of these poor unfortunate children conditioned out of knowing what others thought. My mother and grandmother being of Celtic Stock saw the ability of seeing angels, elves, fairies, saints and other stuff useful and naturally spiritual by nature. Since they were Christian Mystics this all worked out quite well in the end.

So, I was not conditioned to stuff my head up my ass like most people were. I kept right on seeing everything that is there while being educated simaltaneously in public school in the United States except one year of private school in High School in New Mexico in Santa Fe.

However, being gifted wasn't very easy to deal with I found, which made sense if you conditioned children all this wasn't real then they also could believe all the harmful stuff wasn't real also. However, this also might mean one could die from stuff one didn't believe in. There is a saying, "No Pain No Gain" which is a lot the way I see being psychically gifted. It is sort of like weight lifting. Without a lot of work you both don't look like a weight lifter and you can't do much with your psychic gifts.

Most people develop slowly over time as it takes a completely different view of things to get good at this sort of thing. The first thing one must do is to learn not to be a victim of all the people who actually use their gifts all the time like ministers, priests, politicians, lawyers,teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and other healers and doctors. This is not to say that all of these people use their gifts against you. This is just to say "Watch OUT!" and always be on guard. Until you are the controller of your own world and an adult you will be vulnerable to all kinds of people trying to manipulate you for all kinds of reasons both good and bad. Just trusting everyone is a great way to insanity and death. It would be nice to be able to trust everyone but the truth is "YOU CAN'T".

So, as an adult the single most important an adult can do is to have their "Shitometer" on at all times. In other words "How full of shit are the people you are talking to or around any given moment". Though some people go through life like Snow White eating the bad witch's apples and being kissed by prince Charming, most of us if we don't recognize how bad someone is might just die or go crazy. So having a good sense of what any given person's motivations are in any given moment leads to both sanity and a pretty good life if one is intelligent. Otherwise, Just pray!

So, as I developed and learned to trust less and less people around me I became a man. But also, along with this I became more and more gifted in many ways and learned to survive most any kind of situation mostly by not being somewhere something bad was going to happen because I could always sense it before it happened. That is why I'm still alive at age 60 because God gave me this ability. It is also why I'm not poor in any way.

This doesn't mean I'm not sad a lot. Sometimes, I long for the idealism of youth. My wife is an optimist, I'm not. I am an idealistic Pragmatist. I guess how I would define that would be to say I really wish and want good things to happen but have learned to be ready for anything at any time like a soldier all the time 24 hours a day waking and sleeping. And the more intense things are going on around one the more as a soldier one must withdraw from their emotions and instead be very observant and ready to act in an instant.

So, in my early twenties I learned to soul travel and learned things that amazed me. There was a book store called the Mythrus in La Jolla, California that I bought a lot of books telling about other peoples experiences soul traveling. They talked about using both astral projection as well as bi-location which is a way of being more than one place at a time while still keeping part of yourself in your body. I found this to be the safest. So, if I was somewhere else on earth or in the solar system or in this galaxy or another I could if I was in danger instantly pop back into my body safely. I like Bi-location because you always use your body as a base of operations and keep enough awareness in it to protect oneself from being taken over by other beings. This is very important if you want to learn to safely soul travel. However, others prefer astral Projection. I personally have only done astral projection once and I almost died and had a heart attack when I found I was walking to the bathroom outside my body. I was just going to go pee when my hand went through the wall when I tried to turn on the electric bathroom light at the switch. Since I was ill and wasn't even trying to Astral project I was terrified and felt vulnerable in a way I never had before ever. So, I could only assume that God was trying to teach me something. So I went with Bi-Location after God taught me that almost fatal lesson.

Years later when I was in my 30s in 1983 I did a vision Quest under the supervision of a Blackfoot-Sioux Medicine man. I ate or drank nothing for 4 days and nights. After 48 hours of praying on the Trinity River at least 5 miles from the nearest human being except my wife, I began having extreme visions especially at night. It was very difficult to distinguish reality from visions they were so very intense. To my psyche both had an equal impact under these condition of no candles, lights, except for sweet Grass that is braided and lit as incense(sweet grass grows on the plains like wild oats).

There are two extremely intense visions that I remember that affected me in such a powerful way it is as if they were more real than any physical reality I have ever experienced.

One was when I became a 50 foot tall giant Dragon with Golden Skin and scales that breathed Golden Fire out upon thousands of people. However, they were not burned or harmed in any way. Instead their heads glowed in enlightenment and happiness. I believe I write and publish and this kind of thing happens just like my vision in my vision quest in 1983.

The other vision terrified me and took me a long time to understand. It showed me just how much spiritual power was behind what I am sent to do and how God is so powerful through me that nothing really can stop it. This I also experience every day. Though I also believe everyone has a God connection like this, many people don't utilize this connection the way I have and do and will. Blessings.

Purple and Sargeant Mark III visit another Galaxy


If you read "Purple Delta 7 Rides Again" which is the previous article in my blog to this one then you know who both Purple Delta 7, Sargeant Mark II and III are, where they came from, for what purpose and what they are doing presently on Earth.


Purple said to Sargeant Mark III, "Mark. There is a message being relayed through from the Galactic Sentience's office through His Oneness' office here in Shamballa."

Sargeant Mark III said immediately alert, "What is it?"

Purple said, "We are to leave this instant and then return this same instant no matter how long we are gone."

Sargeant Mark III said, "Done!"

This was a signal when he said "done" to move instantly to those coordinates in another Galaxy both of their forms even though Mark was plasma and Purple is matter, plasma and electricity in multiple combinations not known technically to present day humans on earth.

Instantly they found themselves in the Swan Galaxy inside a Star there. Since both Sargeant Mark III and Purple Delta 7 operate okay inside a Star they were fine there.

This particular Plasma being in a star in the Swan Galaxy had some questions about the incarnations of the creator of the Milky Way Galaxy. It turned out that the matter and antimatter based Creator of the Swan Galaxy was a relative of the Milky Way Galaxy. It turned out they were brothers. The Brother Galactic Creator of the Swan Galaxy wanted to know how the Creator of the Milky Way Galaxy used millions of incarnations throughout his Galaxy and for what purpose?

Purple asked Sargeant Mark III, "I think you are better able to communicate what is wished. However, I can access whatever historical information that I am allowed to for you." Mark just said, "Okay!"

Mark Said to the Swan Galaxy Star Plasma Envoy, "I am primarily a bodyguard for one of the millions incarnations of the Creator of the Milky Way Galaxy. I can ask for whatever information you want and might get all or some of the information you want for a variety of reasons pertinent to the security of all lifeforms in the Milky Way Galaxy. I will ask through my associate the sentient Robotic form Purple Delta 7 here as she is capable of very long distance communication with the Galactic Core archives.

The Swan Galaxy Star Plasma envoy said, "My Grandfather, your Milky Way Galaxy's brother says that this will be acceptable."

When Purple Delta 7 asked for this information it triggered a response directly through the Galactic Sentience. The Galactic Sentience of the Milky Way Galaxy said to Purple, "Set up your right hand as a view screen hologram of myself." Purple immediately said, "Done!"

So immediatly the Galactic Sentience was a bright fire hologram as that is his natural state, a ball of plasma fire. He then began to speak directly to the Star Plasma Envoy of the Swan Galaxy.

Galactic Sentience, "Greetings Relative in the Swan Galaxy. I am the Creator of the Milky Way Galaxy's Grandson. I am the present Galactic Sentience of our galaxy. My grandfather is in regeneration retirement living out millions of incarnations as various kinds of beings in our past, present and future."

The Star Plasma Being of the Swan Galaxy said, "So, is the purpose of all these incarnations purely for regeneration or for other purposes as well?"

The Galactic Sentience said, "As you may or may not know my Grandfather the Co-Creator of our Milky Way Galaxy is a very spiritually evolved being. My personal skills are primarily organizational and when necessary I am a military strategist."

The Star Plasma Being said, "We are very impressed with our relative's organizational and military skills."

The Galactic Sentience said, "Thank you. We are also very impressed with how well our relatives have taken care of all the beings native to your Galaxy as well."

Star Plasma Being said, "Thank you. Of Course we both know the father and the grandfather of the two brother who each started their own galaxies were very skilled as well so the brothers come from a long line of Galaxy starters."

The Galactic Sentience said, "Yes. Ours is an extremely ancient and skilled family of Galaxy Creators. I can now feel confident that we have each others best interests in mind. May I know go ahead and reveal what it is you wish to know?"

Star Plasma Being said, "By all means valued relative."

The Galactic Sentience said, "Incarnations like Jonathan Flow and others are for as you might have guessed multiple purposes. My Grandfather discovered many amazing things because of his unique nature. One of the things is that not only can Creators regenerate life in their bodies by projecting consciousness into various types of lifeforms in our galaxy that are thousands to millions of times smaller than our bodies but also that Being and Time and Space is altered into multiple new dimensions by so doing. He has found that consciousness time and space and physical time and space both alter each other and this understanding has changed his concept of the nature of what both life and the universe is. Though previous ancestor Creators understood some aspects of this. He has taken this knowledge further. He only hasn't shared all this yet because he is not sure what the long term consequences of this knowledge might be. He isn't sure what this will create in the long term of galaxies civilizations or the civilizations of Galactic Plasma Beings."

Star Plasma Being said, "Amazing! So he has taken this research in a direction that no other Creator of Galaxies has chosen to."

The Galactic Sentience, "Yes. And though he considers what he is doing risky in some ways, he believes the potential for good for all creators far outweighs the risk to his continued existence. Also, as he has said many times,'how many billions of years does a being want to exist?'".

Star Plasma Being said, "Yes. That does sound like a very ancient Galaxy Creator."

The Galactic Sentience said, "He has left instructions that if certain kinds of anomalies take place that we should either wake him up under certain circumstances or in other circumstances we should eat him to make the aberrations(if they take place) stop.

Star Plasma Being said, "This makes complete sense. He is doing research for our whole family then?"

The Galactic Sentience said, "Yes. We are very proud of his self sacrifice as a researcher not only for Creators of Galaxies throughout the universe but also for all the many lifeforms that have come to be within galaxies or who will come to be within galaxies in the future."

Star Plasma Being said, "That you for taking time from your busy schedule to inform us of this amazing research."

The Galactic Sentience said, "We have done probability searches and found that his chance for success that will benefit all Creators and all lifeforms is anywhere from a 75% to 95% chance of incredible success."

Star Plasma Being said, "We then agree and completely support this research as long as it is freely shared with all our family of Creators when and if it is successfully completed."

The Galactic Sentience said, "We agree also, revered relative. I must return on pressing business. I have enjoyed our family conversation."

Star Plasma Being said, "Blessings be upon our Family of Creators."

The Galactic Sentience said, "Blessings be upon our Family of Creators."

Instantly Purple Delta 7 and Sargeant Mark III and the Galactic Sentience were all back in their respective right places within the Milky Way Galaxy.

Purple Delta 7 and Sargeant Mark III found themselves once again on the northern California Coast and fairly blown out by that event.

Sargeant Mark III said, "You know, Purple. That may have been the single most amazing experience of this lifetime."

Purple said, "Yes. I thought blowing up a solar system was amazing but that was even better. How often does one listen to beings millions and billions of years old talk about what they are trying to do to advance Life in all its myriad forms?"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Purple Delta 7 Rides Again


Purple Delta 7 is a sentient Robot whose inspiration originally came from the original Star Trek series in the 1960s. At that time I was in my teens and even though I almost always had a steady girlfriend since I was 15, felt very frustrated with women. So, Purple Delta 7 is a fantasy sentient female robot who is intelligent off any normal scale, a metamorph in that she can assume any shape or multiple shapes smaller than a 2 story building, is conversant in all galactic languages and is interested in the quaintness of Earth along with her fellow bodyguard, Deep Space Marine Sargeant Mark III, who is a plasma being from a star but also inhabits part of the time his dead marine human buddy, Sargeant Mark II as per Sargeant Mark II's instructions when he died alongside Sargeant Mark III in a Galactic Deep Space Battle.

Note: this is sort of a rant that you can avoid by not reading if you wish.

Magical thinking or Creativity which are much the same keep people from offing themselves or others. Whether that creativity is in music, art, writing, sculpture, dance, singing or whatever, it keeps people functioning as sane human beings and because of this I am for it.

The alternative often as one faces some of the absolutely horrific things one is bound to face some times in life, is to either suicide or harm others. For this reason, creativity MUST be encouraged in order to keep people both relatively healthy, functioning and alive without causing harm to themselves or others at this time on earth. With times as crazy as this interfering with anyone's creativity and coping mechanisms is dangerous.
Though I am financially secure and content with my family and life now I did experience this level of angst in my early 20s from 1969 to 1973.
End note.

Purple Delta 7 was bored. She had spent a lot of time as Jonathan Flow's motor home which was okay except he didn't drive her or spend much time with her as the price of gas was just too high last summer and now her sound had gone out for her flatscreen tv, dvd, vcr combinations speakers. Though the am/fm radio with cds still worked he seemed to spend less time with her and she felt sort of unappreciated by him.

She had been hired by the Galactic Sentience and His Oneness of Lemuria(time lord of Earth since 40,000 BC) who lives in Shamballa in a parallel dimension to earth to protect Galactic Soul Royalty, Jonathan Flow. Since he was writing regularly since 1999 and publishing online pertinent galactic facts about both the galaxy and earth someone needed to protect his body and soul from Galactic repercussions from the past, present and future within and beyond this galaxy. So she and her compatriot Sargeant Mark III( and II) had been hired to patrol time on earth and beyond to protect all aspects of Jonathan Flow and all aspects of his interactions with all times and spaces both within and beyond this galaxy. Earth, it seemed as a Galactic City Park was the perfect quaint place for all this information to be disseminated into the past present and future of muliple galaxies and dimensions and she and Sargeant Mark II and III.

Though Purple Delta 7 had greatly enjoyed listening to about 500 to 1000 different tv stations simaltaneously and educating herself further according to various nuances in over 100 different languages on earth. Still, she enjoyed getting all her reception from various satellites direct. Also, she relayed to Sentient Robotics and Computers, her division of the Galactic Time Guard in the Galactic core all pertinent information that she was flagged to relay. Terrabytes of information of all kinds was relayed by her there every day so it could be scanned through by other sentient computer and robotic systems and filtered down for their biological and energy based lifeforms that ran the Galactic Time Guard including 1000s of human type variations from throughout the galaxy.

However, she wished Jonathan would take out the motor home that she preferred to continue to exist as even though the original motor home also existed in the exact same place only in another dimension. So when she had to do something else she could leave the original motorhome and go else where in less than one millionth of a second so no lifeform other than a few insects and birds would notice and who were they going to tell?

No. The Galactic Time Guard required everything done on earth to be completely seamless even though sometimes there were accidents with Galactic tourists being seen in their time-space ships here on earth. However, this never happened with any aspect of the galactic military. They were as efficient as Purple Delta 7. Nothing escaped their view in any time even thoughts.

However, Purple Delta 7 was getting pretty bored. She had survived many Deep Space Battles and had even blown up Solar Systems when necessary. However, that was years ago now when she was first manufactured. Though she was still capable of this, she was now utilized mostly for altering multiple time lines simultaneously because she had proven herself to be one of the best designs in the Galaxy for that. So, that was her primary present usage.

Winter had been long and Jonathan Flow was bored too. The financial collapse was making everyone very nervous and well. It was hard for Purple to imagine how financial changes would make life so different for humans. She understood the principle of it all but figured, "What's the big deal as long as you have food and can live through it?"

But that would be how sentient robots think, not humans.

Auld Lang Syne

Purple remembered now her glory years of when she was first built and of Deep Space Battles with Sargeant Mark II when he wore plasma being Sargeant Mark III on his belt. The Plasma Sargeant could take down about one thousand physical beings permanently before they knew he was there even. So being on the Galactic Human Marine Sargeant Sargeant Mark II, a human psyborg combo, the two of them made and unbeatable Marine Force in almost any situation where less than 2000 physical beings needed to be defeated or captured. Purple was their ultimate backup and nuked whole solar systems out of existence temporarily so the time guard could reset time. She was designed to take out a solar system when all else had failed for a short period of time so the Galactic Time Guard could reset time and start the system over so to speak. She would go into the sun of the system and set off a shape charged 100,000 or more megaton nuclear device. When she went off it looked like fireworks in the sky on earth except the fireworks started with the sun and the life in that whole system ended that moment or set of moments. But remember she is Time Guard so extinction is only temporary in the Time Guard but order is forever. Besides, she has a plasma converter as well as an energy converter and can exist as plasma, electricity, mass, a liquid, various types of solids and atmosphere as she wishes. In addition she can be a functional army tank, fighter jet, functional cruise missile, or if given enough mass even a functional planet with an ecosystem if necessary. Purple was in a class called "infinite overkill"
which is the same principle as sending in a SWAT team after one criminal. Purple and her other versions 1-20 were each capable of almost anything. However, after nuking one planetary system Purples were retired from battles. There was some concern that even advanced circuitry or deep plasma memory couldn't withstand more than one solar system killing blast.

Unfortunately, Sargeant Mark II's heart stopped during this solar system killing blast and because of his request not to be reawakened again( because this had happened so many times before), he knew he just wouldn't be totally right again after this blast. So he left possession of his body to his plasma friend Sargeant Mark III knowing that Sargeant Mark III was still sane and functional and would take good care of his body.

Sargeant Mark III being a plasma energy being born inside the plasma culture of a Star came from a completely different but compatible culture to both Purple Delta 7 and Sargeant Mark II. They all became fast friends but realized that Sargeant Mark II psychologically was on his way out of existence. However, they were more than friends, the three of them, they were family to one another.

In fact, many plasma based bodies have souls that incarnate into human bodies on earth. So on a soul level human and plasma based beings soul-wise are the same.

Japan and the United States

I'm trying to make sense of what is economically happening to the United States by comparing Japan and the United States as countries in the world. This might be useful or not depending upon your point of view.

First of all though Japan's per hour labor costs are significantly lower than ours there major disadvantage on the world stage is having a really great work force without enough natural resources. So, there biggest obstacle to continued economic growth has been the price of energy, since they have to import all energy except nuclear. Energy in the form of oil and the price of it is one of Japan's biggest potential problems.

Then we look at the United States with almost unlimited natural resources. However, the size of our country by being large is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It is an advantage in the diversity of resources. It is a disadvantage in how much it costs to disperse those resources not only around the country but also worldwide. Our labor costs are some of the very highest on earth because of our relatively high standard of living. We are likely the largest population wise nation with this high a general standard of living. Even though China probably has an equal amount of people living at our standard of living, they also have another 700 million living in relative poverty which changes their dynamic completely from ours. So comparing the United States to China in this way is like comparing apples and oranges. The problems of the United States and China are just too different from each other.

So, the disadvantages that the United States has are hugeness and diversity, high wages and an aging highway infrastructure, especially bridges. However, hugeness and diversity is also an advantage. High wages are ONLY and advantage within the United States.

However, the advantages of the United States are incredible natural resources of every kind, being a melting pot of all nations on earth to the point where all nations see the United States as a place where their most successful relatives often live. Though this might make people left in their home nations jealous, still the United States and opportunity and a life there is something to aspire to for people of all nations.

So, I guess what I am finding while writing this is that Japan because of higher than average wages and the United States because of really high wages are not competitive in the manufacturing of most products. This puts both nations in a very difficult position at this time on the world stage of international trade. I think this might be the primary reason that Japan has been having economic troubles since the 1990s and one of the major factors that the United States is having such difficulties now. Even though there are many other factors I think the issues I have mentioned might be the primary or base causes of Japan's economic downturn starting in the 1990s and the Economic Collapse of the United States, especially in Credit Markets, Banking and Mortgages.

Business is War

Someone once said, "Business is War". This is true not only in the United States but always has been true worldwide. It is obvious that this war was lost by Japan during the 1990s and by the United States at present. Whether this was a concerted effort by a nation or group of nations in both cases or whether this was just the natural result of not before seen series of events that take place when one has extreme increased valuation of assets coupled with extreme leveraging of money and assets through leveraging of credit and the value of those assets collapse I cannot say.

Anyway, one can say that whatever happened to Japan in the 1990s is to a greater or lesser degree also happening to the United States and most of Europe now in 2008 and 2009.

There are some good results in regard to the "War on Terror". Terrorists generally have about 1/2 the financial resources available to them now because of the world economic downturn which also means they have half the money to do damage to western interests. In this sense the World Economic Collapse is doing some good.

There are good results in regard to Global warming because of how much fossil fuel is not being consumed worldwide because of the economic downturn and because of how much less fossil fuel is being burnt to generate electricity to run factories to make goods worldwide and to transport those goods to markets around the world. All these changes might have bought the human race already an extra 300 to 400 years before hitting a wall that could lead to human extinction(at least on the surface of earth).

However, even hitting the extinction wall on the surface does not mean that human life couldn't go on underground where the earth stays cooler (around 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit) during the daylight hours above 100 degrees Fahrenheit anywhere near the equator if average temperatures reach 80 to 100 degrees year around there.

The economic downturn will be felt most severely where there is no infrastructure in place and where donations for people to even eat are necessary. However, like I said there are some good things coming from this present downturn.

One of the best long term things that hopefully will come from all this is a complete reevaluation of how business is conducted worldwide. If new regulations are not put in place we can expect what we are going through now to happen about every 20 to 40 years ongoing worldwide. I don't think anyone wants to see that happen.

Business is War but that doesn't mean that it needs to be insane and suicidal for the human race ongoing.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Heisenberg: Atoms are not things they are only tendencies

I wrote this a while back but I still intrinsically believe it to be true.


Atoms are not things. They are only tendencies-Heisenberg

Viewed in this way the universe for me becomes a thought, a concept. If that is what the universe really is then to perceive the whole universe as oneself is to understand the universe. By objectively understanding and thereby experiencing the whole universe as oneself one begins to actually encompass the whole universe as oneself and begins to feel peace. By feeling peace one may stop feeling afraid. When one stops feeling afraid one's physiology operates better. From this new experience of objectivity one  then can ask questions of oneself as the universe. From these questions since fear is gone, answers may automatically appear. From the peace, the questions and the automatic answers one may know God. From knowing God and having peace one needs nothing else. Whether ones body is alive or whether one has passed over one can then know peace eternally by knowing God in this way.

Note: This is one path to God. I have traveled it and found it perfect for me. You might too.

Householder YogI

The concept might be alien to many of you. But all of you have heard of Hatha Yoga that many people do regularly to keep them fit and flexible on into old age.

When I was young in my early 20s I read a book called Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. My best friend from church's mother had known him before he passed away around 1950. He was one of the first successful Swami Yogis of that type of lineage to come to the United States and stay here. He came around 1914 I believe and met Luther Burbank and many other interesting Americans at that time. He lived in his Ashram in Encinitas, California(which still exists today) and created Lake Shrine on Sunset Blvd in the Los Angeles area that still exists today. I have been to both over the years.

When I first read this book I was very moved because he had many of the same kinds of intuitive gifts that I was born with. However, he had the good fortune to meet people who could help him develop in amazing ways. Developing in those ways was difficult to impossible for people in America until he and other Yogis first started arriving early in 20th century in the United States on the west coast.

When I was in my late teens and early 20s I used to buy a whole box of these books in paperback and give them to hitchikers I picked up and met that might be suicidal(it was relatively safe to pick up people in the early l970s not like now). The 1970s was a time of the ending of the Viet Nam War and extreme recessions that most remind me of the one we are in now. Unfortunately, this one we are in now might turn out to be the most severe in my 60 years of life on earth.

So, I tried to help people whenever I met them because I was young and idealistic. The hardest thing to learn as a young and helpful person is to get beyond idiot compassion. In other words how can you actually get beyond "give the person a fish and they live for a day" to "teach someone to fish and they live for a lifetime".

This was what I was also dealing with then too. People I would try and help might still off themselves 1,2,or 3 years later, or become criminals or do other harm. So, I began to refine who I could actually help and how it could most efficiently be done in helping people to help themselves so they could then help others to survive better as well.

So, I found methods for doing this compassionately, and efficiently. It is a form of triage. As soon as I meet someone now I instantly know if I can help them or if I have to let them move on without my help. Even those I cannot directly help I still pray for them as I know from years of experience this might work to save their lives as well. In the end each of us must save our own souls. It takes a moment or an infinity to do that depending upon the soul.

In reading this book I learned about Sri Yukteswar and Lahiri Mahasaya. Sri Yukteswar was a traditional yogi but Lahiri Mahasaya worked for the railroad in India and had a family. This was something I had not heard of before, a realized yogi who worked and had a family. This was something I was interested in.

Though I had been raised a Christian Mystic I had also been raised to believe in reincarnation just like all or most early Christians before 300 AD. When governments get involved in religion it makes slaves of everyone. It is much easier to enslave people if you eliminate reincarnation and replace it with hell, fire and brimestone! Thus the masses were psychologically enslaved by the governments to be frightened into working harder for them on penalty of terror and death in the afterlife!

So, because I already believed in reincarnation it was a very easy transition for me to be studying about Yogis in India. I also loved Gandhi's statement, "You Christians are just so unlike your Christ!" This I agree with as well.

I had looked at Christianity in the United States in the form of organized religion and found only hypocrisy. However, I also must say in looking at organized religion around the world all organized religion is full of hypocrisy.

However, what I have also found is that God is where you find him, her, the being. So, despite all the hypocrisy everywhere God and truth can still be found just not always where you might expect. Whenever I find the truth it takes my breath away whether it is in a person, a falling leaf, a child or even in a beautiful sunset. For truth is there always, you just have to be looking for it and open to it. If all you are is cynical then you are a part of the problem not the solution!

And what is needed more than ever on earth right now is truth seekers whether it is in government, religion, jobs, businesses, or wherever.

Without enough truth the People perish!

That is where we are on earth right now. We have been lied to by governments and businesses and now we are perishing without enough truth!

Without enough truth the people perish!

So, since I saw all this happening in the 1960s and 1970s my solution was to become a truth seeker wherever it led, even to the ends of the earth. Yes. initially I was very idealistic just like a lot of young people. But as I got married and had my first child I had to learn pragmatism. Because no one's family survives without that. One single person alone might survive in idealism and be an eternal child but if you have or raise kids pragmatism is what it takes to keep them alive and you as well.

Being a householder yogi ones discipline is based upon both the eternal search for truth but tempered by ones necessary pragmatism of finding a way to support and raise ones children to become good adults too.

So, in my view becoming a householder yogi is the single most important thing that one can do. One can then become an enlightened realized and educated person while passing on all ones enlightenment in all directions to ones children so they and their children's, children's, children will carry on the research into truth until all mankind is enlightened and free in all ways!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miracle at Saint Anna

It is a Spike Lee movie about 1944 Black "Buffalo Soldiers" in Italy during World War II. It is a real tear jerker so don't watch it without a hanky. I think it depicts how people of all kinds act under extreme stress. They sort of get psychologically fuzzy around the edges and don't do well. War makes everyone who is actually there crazy or dead, no exceptions. This is also true for the ones who eventually, psychologically and emotionally and physically recover. In a way the men who recover only compartmentalize and then hopefully show you the none insane sides when you meet them in civilized society. However, always know anyone who has had to kill or be killed and is still here to talk about it usually won't. Because opening those wounds by talking about them might be the end of them as civilized men or women.

A really excellent movie that deals not only with war, but also race relations in 1944 internationally and differences even between black people under very stressful conditions at that time in our nations history.

Whatever nation you are from or in at present (even if you see this with subtitles) I think it is important to see it especially now with Obama as President of the United States. To see just how far we have come and knowing how many of these men now in their 80s and 90s might still be around from those days.

21 in 69

Life was very different in 1969. Things were relatively safe compared to now. There were very few people back then who were really crazy and dangerous. Life was much more ordered and disciplined. There was less room for creativity and being different than other people. Especially in the South, Just like in "Easy Rider" if you were different you might just wind up gone and secretly buried in someone's back yard. Even in California at this point people were just beginning to allow people to be more creative and different and survive.

So, wearing long hair and hippy clothes might get you killed because they were associated with people who didn't got to war and fight in Viet Nam. There was a lot more of the attitude, "My country right or wrong!" People felt you should be loyal to the United States no matter what it did or what mistakes it made and this sort of person volunteered, fought and died in Viet Nam. Most of these people came home from that war, very very disapointed and distraught. And many of them became the most extreme anti-war activists as a result because they felt their loyalty and been perverted by their country.

By the way, because I had had childhood epilepsy I did not get drafted. I was what you would call then a 4F. This meant that I would only be called up and drafted if our nation was attacked in one of the 50 states. But I wouldn't be drafted for any war outside of the country. There also was a 2S category which was for college students. Not many people had college degrees before the Viet Nam War. But it was so awful and controversial as to whether it was either necessary or useful in any way, shape or form that anyone with brains enough went to college and got a 2S deferment. So many people both boys and girls got all sorts of Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees and PHDs and became doctors, lawyers, nurses etc. It is the single main reason that so many people have degrees today because by setting this precedent all their children then felt they had to get advanced degrees as well.

It was not this way at all before the Viet Nam War. One man could easily support 4 to 8 people with no one else working even if he didn't even have a high school education. This wasn't true anymore after the Viet Nam War because so much money had been wasted on that war that the wealth of America was gone.

So we went from being the richest nation on earth in the 1950s and 1960s to a debtor nation by the late 1970s and now to a bankrupt nation today. We haven't gone completely bankrupt only because other nations keep lending us money. However, we do still have one thing, infrastucture. No nation on earth has as developed an infrastructure as we do.

The problem is that our infrastructure is circa 1950s and before. Many of our roads and especially bridges were built between the 1930s to the 1950 during the Eisenhower administration.

People in America beginning to save money could start to change all this and we might come back to real wealth again internationally as long as other nations don't buy all our best property at bargain basement prices. If other nations buy up all our best real estate and have controlling interests in our real property we may never recover.

In 1969 I had a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro 327. It was metallic blue and I drove it up to 140 miles per hour. It was the fastest car I ever owned and could go from 20 mph to 70 mph in less then 2 seconds. I was saved from many car accidents on Los Angeles and San Diego Freeways because of its speed and maneuverability. I can remember when I was in the fast lane doing about 70 mph in a line of cars all going that speed when suddenly I could see the smoke ahead of me from screeching tires. I couldn't hear it because my windows were closed. I made a command decision to go into the left emergency lane at 70 mph. Other drivers did no have the vehicle that could execute this maneuver and either lost their lives or their cars. By this maneuver I was able to save my life and my car. Somehow by slowly slowing down in the emergency lane I avoided the whole thing.

Looking back I saw that all the cars in front of me and behind where I had been were all smashed. Only by being young and having the right car and very quick reflexes was I still alive. Thank God!

1969 was the strangest most pivotal year of my young life. I often look back at that year and wonder wehre my life would be now without that very strange eventful year.

I suppose the single strangest change to my life was giving up my virginity. I was raised in my family to stay a virgin until marriage. However, I didn't really believe in this. However, since up to that time I had only dated women I intended to marry I had honored the girls I had dated by not insisting that they have sex with me. By being an honorable man and only dating the kind of woman one marries I had stayed a virgin. Though I felt my honor intact, emotionally I felt kind of crazy from abstaining in this way. Especially, because it was very common back then to go out and park on Mulhulland Drive overlooking Los Angeles from the coastal mountain ranges and Make out (heavy petting) from 9 pm until 4am in the morning. This also didn't mean I hadn't spent the night with girlfriends since I was 16. It just meant that I hadn't had intercourse because I respected all these women as potential wives.

I had almost always had a girlfriend since I was 15. So by age 21 I had dated 5 women, each for an average of one year. But I had dated the 3 I was the most serious about 1 to 2 years each. The three girls I was most serious about were members of my parents church so this added to the respect I needed to pay them because in my church this sort of thing wasn't a secret.

I often look back at these times and wonder if I had made different choices what life I would have lived.

My parents moved to San Diego in 1969. This was a sea change for me because I had mostly lived at home since I was born and mostly lived at home since I was 18 and returned from a private school in New Mexico in Santa Fe in 1966.

When they moved to San Diego I felt sort of like a fish out of water. I temporarily moved in with my Aunt in the Hollywood Hills. She had a Swimming pool and she had been an actress on stage and TV so she was interesting to talk to. But since she was divorced I felt sort of uncomfortable and moved to Venice next to Santa Monica. I got a job working as an electrician as I had burnt out on working midnight to noon 7 days a week as a programmer operator on mainframe computers. However, Venice is a very strange place now and even more strange then. I had moved there because an apartment on the beach was part of the pay of my new job. Since I was lonely and away from friends there and I had a big apartment I met guys on the job who needed a place to stay so they paid me rent so I had more money and they stayed with me in my apartment on the beach. Since it was 1969 there were always girls coming over for the night or weekend and endless parties so this was a whole new world for me. Most of my life before then had been hiking, skiing, swimming, body surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving and riding motorcycles over the deserts and dry washes and going to church, this was a whole new weird world that I had never seen or experienced before. I no longer dated women I intended to marry because my heart had been broken finally by my last 2 year romance with a girl in my church. So at this point I was just trying to stay alive and to survive without the girl I had intended to marry. This made things even crazier in many many ways. Then I got excommunicated from my church for living in a crazy place like Venice on the beach. This only made life more crazy and more difficult for me. This experience turned me permanently against organized religion. I realized why firsthand more people are driven insane by religion than any other single cause. I realized I had to be my own boss and to have my own personal relationship with God and that people who give their trust to organized religion are in the end only poor fools that organized religion will take advantage of and betray.

I suppose I might have had a different point of view if I hadn't been driven so close to suicide at that time. But my experience was that organized religion simply cannot be trusted to be your friend or to actually help you. Trusting misguided people is only a mistake. Organized religion and Hypocrisy became synonyms for me always since those days.

Though that was a very hard lesson that I almost did not survive what it taught me was to separate my relationship with God from organized religion. I have never ever forgotten that difficult lesson. This changed every aspect of my life ever since.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another one of my daughter's thoughts

In my opinion, we only try to fit in because our species is trained, no programmed to believe we can't live on our own. The only reason we don't choose do do different things, is because... in the begining we were all boring, and still sort of are, but we yelled at each other when we thought someone was supposedly more "special" then we ourselves were. This happened to many beings. And to themselves. But they didn't think they were special. But we thoguht they were special, and didn't like the fact that we felt awful about it. So we shunned them, shunned others, and shunned ourselves.

My thoughts about this crappy headspace, is that...we as human beings take things to seriously. We, usually don't feel happy about ourselves. Of course, no one really does. we can't change it, we're stuck with it. Some people kill themselves over stupid stuff like this. But the thing is, how would killing yourself solve the problem? You don't know what could happen, (unless your christian and have a pretty good idea) well you sort of do anyway. But I'm not writing this to talk about religion am I? well, my point is, is that humans care about dumb stuff. When we try to not care, it just gets worse...or happens again. We can't change that we're human. We can't change the fact that we care about it. But, what we can change is the ability to become a smarter, nicer person that can teach...other people how to care less about our looks. The idea, is to care less, not to stop caring.

One of my daughter's thoughts

Life is a joke, the trick is to laugh.


Dreamtime is everything one thinks or feels 24 hours a day. However, since there is no real way to separate for most people what is physically happening around them from their internal world they might see it all as one thing. However, to be an empowered adult one must be able to see which is which.

The easiest way to make sense of all this I can think of is to imagine human life before all tools and language. If we start there then we realize that all human language and all physical things as well as all art came from dreamtime. Also, all war came also from dreamtime which teaches one to be very careful what they think about.

So, in order to become an empowered adult one must be able to see that everything that is physically made by man and every thing like language and religion is made from the dreamtime of men, women and children. And then the next step is to decide if one wants to become a victim to all that or not or which parts one should keep and which parts one should discard as not useful. Only in this way does one begin to become empowered and free as a being.

So, then we learn as we grow that only by creating our own reality through the dreamtime do we ever become free from the victim all of us are raised to be through enculturation as we grow up.

Only by deciding to create our own lives our own way do we move forward. However, most people are intimidated by relatives, friends, employers, teachers etc. and give up their their freedom and their dreamtime to become lifelong victims of society.

Of course, unless we are going to live alone in the wilderness one must make compromises in order to keep people in ones life and to have friends and relatives in ones life. But one must always be conscious that every language, and every thing ever made that you didn't make or think up is someone else's dream that they manifested into the physical. Will you become just a victim of all the dreams that have come before or will you utilize your own dreams to make your life and the lives of those around you better?

Everything and Nothing

The problem with times like these is that one cannot retreat into individuality because at a core level it is an illusion.

I have contemplated all this for about 60 years and I have come to the conclusion that individuality, money, and time are all illusions like a monopoly game we play to pass the time here on earth. However, it is really just an illusion and a game most people play here on earth. So, I learned to play this game too. However, I have almost always seen it as a game and not the truth or even reality. Just something I do to fit in.

What I decided to add to Everything and Nothing that I found in my personal experience to be the truth of life is compassion(kindness) towards all life. By helping all life in all time and space by being compassionate to it, life becomes meaningful.

Otherwise, one gets lost in the illusion of individuality, money and selfishness and the suffering is absolutely incredible. So, part of my realization is to have compassion and kindness for beings lost in individuality, money and selfishness.

Since God is everything and nothing I am rewarded by my kindness to all beings by being wealthy not just in money but in all ways. The reward from the everything(God)and nothing(God) is all kinds of wealth both mental, spiritual and material.

So, the sooner one finds that one is actually everything and nothing and that individuality is just a game we play here on earth and that money is another element of that game, suffering ends and one is (hopefully) forever at peace being everything and nothing while being kind not only to the beings who understand that they are everything and nothing but also those lost in the incredible suffering of individuality, money and selfishness.

My Avocado Tree

When my wife and I first married in 1995, I took an avocado pit and put three toothpicks in it and then put it in a paper cup with water and then soil until it sprouted.(they don't very often sprout this way I've found).

Anyway, it was such a pleasure that it not only sprouted but continued to grow for me that I have kept it all these years first indoors until it reached over 2 or 3 feet and now after all these years it is about 7 feet tall and in an outdoor clay pot about 3 feet in diameter and three feet high out on my redwood deck.

In the last 6 months I put three avocado pits into the soil next to the big avocado tree and they have now sprouted too and are about 1 foot to 18 inches tall now too alongside the big avocado tree in the big clay pot on the deck.

Since I have nurtured all four plants they seem at times almost like children or pets who often come unannounced into ones life also at life's whimsy. And all of them are a blessing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Marriage is for raising children

You may say I'm stuck in the 1960s and 1970s. But nothing in the last 40 or more years has changed my opinion in this regard. In the 1970s I believed that marriage was for one thing and one thing only. It was there to protect children from birth through college and on into being Granparents. Marriage is the glue of society. Marriage allows the next generation to survive childhood and college and get married and have kids of their own.

Though I'm fine with people disagreeing with me, it isn't very useful for anything else.

Why would any sane person marry unless they were going to raise children.

In fact, I'll go one better guys. Get your girlfriend pregnant before you marry. Otherwise, she may not even be able to have kids with you. Getting her pregnant is the only way you will know. Imagine how the two of you will tear into each other if she can't get pregnant.

If you can't get her pregnant and you love her just live together.

Why get married when it is about 10 times more difficult than running a successful business if you want to be friends and not want to kill each other.

Believe me, a business is nothing to making a marriage work for 5, 10 15, years and finding ways to stay together as you both become completely different people over time both physically, mentally, emotionally and sometimes even spiritually.

There is nothing as hard as raising kids and staying married. But if you are with a good friend there is nothing better that I have found. There is no career that I have found satisfying for more than about 5 years. But a good marriage with children well done will satisfy you in a contented sort of way for a lifetime.

You might say,"Where is all the excitement and happiness?"

The answer is, "Life is about mutual survival and happiness is always fleeting."

I've found that contentment can be almost forever or as close to that we get here on earth. Kids are wonderful until they are about 12 and then if you don't help them to become independent from you like they were designed they will leave and never look back. Unless they find you valuable they have no reason to even look back. So if you don't help them make a good transition into adulthood you are of no use to them. After raising 5 kids and helping two god daughters through college I can say that this article has been my experience since my son was first born in 1974. Since then I have been raising at least one child under 15 years old ever since then. My wife and I have a 12 year old here still.

Marriage is for raising kids. Why would you put yourself through marriage if you weren't doing it for your kids. If you aren't having kids you should just live together. That is my opinion after 60 years.

Soros sees no bottom for world financial collapse

If Soros is right then the sooner all nations nationalize the main banks the better or else nothing will be left to nationalize. The worlds banks have double spent their money or more on credit default swaps. Only nationalization of main banks can bring some normality to the situation.

Well it happened now what

I was watching a news program about a news commentator on msnbc or cnbc. He was having a tirade about Obama bailing out people losing their houses and saying, "Do you want to pay taxes for people who made mistakes buying houses?" And many of his compatriots agreed.

If this was 2006 or 2007 I might agree with him. But Pragmatically, our nation is like a car in a spin on a turnpike. And he is like the passenger screaming and hitting the driver instead of helping the driver get control of the car so they both don't die.

There is ideology and there is pragmatism. In hard times just like in war, if you are not pragmatic you don't survive. Luckily, Obama is a pragmatist. If he were not a pragmatist he would not have been the first ever black head of the Harvard Law Review or the first Black President. If there is anything that Obama is it is extremely intelligent and pragmatic. There was a saying when I was a young man, "Your Karma just ran over my dogma!" I'm sorry mister commentator, "Life just ran over your dogma!"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Daily Show 2-19-09

Samantha Bee did a great segment on The Daily Show on Comedy Central with Jon Stewart. It is about the little robots on tracks that they defuse bombs with only these go into houses and shoot bad guys in war. So these are armed robots romotely controlled just like the drones with hellfire missiles going into Swat in Pakistan now. Only the little robots are only the size of a small dog with tank treads and a grenade launcher or assault rifle or sniper rifle attached.

Samantha made fun of the craziness for example of a synthetic baby as a bomb or gun that they showed being built here in the U.S.

I wrote something several years ago I called "The Protectors" It is only a first or second draft but I have it online because though I love to write I hate to edit. And though my wife is an excellent Editor with two bachelor's degree and an Master's in Business Administration, she procrastinates a lot in regard to editing what I write. So I write and it doesn't get edited. But for me writing is sort of like breathing and I find it very fulfilling because often you have something to say that might be important to you with no one there at the time to listen. So you write it down so that others who read it in the present, future or even the past if you are a time traveler can benefit in whatever way from reading your ideas and thoughts about any given subject. I suppose it is sort of like being able to move people some time in the present or future by what you say to staying alive and maybe having a great life because you talked about what your life was like.

This link should take you to my first or second draft online of "The Protectors"

Sargeant Mark III is a plasma being who inhabits his friends body who is human after he died in a Galactic Battle. Sargeant Mark 4 is the combination of Sargeant Mark II and III. One being a dead reanimated human form and one being a plasma being who originally lived in a Star. Also, General Blue Star is a plasma being as well who visits humans and others in a force field suit so he doesn't incinerate them.

On earth, Sargeant Mark II and III when he gets out of the reanimated human body likes to rotate through electric incandescent light bulbs between the light bulb and the generating station while Purple Delta 7, a Galactic Class robot sentient pretends to be a human being flawlessly. And yet, she can take on any form including human, animal, boulder, SUV, bicycle and if necessary is a nuclear weapon that can destroy the whole solar system if necessary. She is unbeatable by anything in the solar system. But she and Sargeant Mark II and III who she considers he human lover and friend and by the way though she is at core a sentient robot and computer prefers to think of herself as a very attractive human female. Sargeant Mark II and III are enamored with pretending to be humans as well. It is their thing. So they love being here on earth pretending to be humans while guarding Jonathan Flow.

I wrote this a few years ago and had a lot of fun with it but like I said I don't like to edit so most of the time I don't.

My Name is Earl

I've always sort of liked "My Name is Earl" the tv program because of its Karma angle. Since I live my life believing in "what goes around comes around" I think it is a great comedic vehicle to get people to think about consequences of all thoughts and actions.

Tonight Earl and his brother get visited by Danny Glover(from the Lethal Weapon series) and he says he is Darnell's Dad. However, Earl and his brother try to protect Darnell, the wife and kids from being killed and almost blow up before they believe Glover actually might be Darnell's Dad.

Glover is something like CIA undercover and Darnell it turns out was trained by his Dad as an assasin but wouldn't kill a 9 year old kid and quit.

Anyway, it was a fun ride tonight.

Understanding Epilepsy

I was one of the lucky ones. I survived Childhood epilepsy. I started having seizures about 1 every 6 months that started when I had a newspaper route when I was 10(always at night in a nightmare). They were very difficult to emotionally, psychologically and physically survive. However, when I found God and invited him into my body they permanently stopped at age 15. However, God never left and this was very scary at first until I got used to it because it brought amazing psychic gifts that are often a part of being an epileptic if you don't take medicine.

For those who take medicine to suppress seizures psychic gifts are covered over by the medicine. So many don't like to take the medicine because they only feel half alive when they take the medicines. For them, they only feel half normal if medicated.

However, having a seizure is worse. The most terrifying thing for an epileptic is a seizure. It is much more terrifying than dying for me. It is about 100 times worse than the thought of being stabbed repeatedly with a knife until dead. It is terrifying because the experience is like being taken over by something other than yourself and losing.

So, for you who haven't had a seizure, for me it is like drowning or smothering to death, then an hour or so waking up shaking all over uncontrollably often having injured your head or mouth or face seriously if no one was there to cradle your head during the seizure to prevent injury.

In olden days when Napoleon, Michaelangelo, and Alexander the Great had it, it was called the King's disease because it made these people very psychic and they could project their charisma to the masses. For example, an epileptic might make an excellent actor, or singer or even leader today if their seizures could be controlled. Only those closest to Napoleon knew he was epileptic and if he had a seizure they would send everyone away and form a circle around him.

In Alexander the Great's time they thought he was a God anyway so they just thought this was what God's did.

However, in todays in some ways less uneducated and less mysterious world epileptics still are discriminated against if it is found out that they are epileptics. So most epileptics try to hide their ailment in the hopes of having a normal life.

About 50% of lifelong epileptics are able to control their seizures enough to drive cars, have children, get married and live normal lives. The other 50% either die or stay at home or on the streets. This is very difficult to write about for me.

When I was 10 and had my first seizure my mothers Scottish Celtic reaction was that I must be someone very special. Because in her Celtic tradition epileptics were healers and spiritual people and often saved their families and tribes.

My father's reaction was the opposite and at the time I thought my father was ashamed of me. Because he never would allow me or my mother to ever talk about it with anyone, only a doctor. That is all. It has taken me years to understand that my father wasn't ashamed of me, he was just trying to assure that I could have a normal life and I did because of his attitude. Because he forbade me to talk about it I got a driver's license and I was on my way. However, conveniently, my last ever seizure was at age 15.

So, I feel free to talk about my experiences here knowing full well that I am now 60 and haven't had a seizure since I was 15. However, it still kept me out of the military during the Viet Nam War for which I am now very grateful.

Though I was an A student up to about 6th grade, my parents expected less of me when I started to have seizures about once every 6 months at night during a nightmare. They knew that what triggered seizures is often mental and emotional stress.

I have known epileptics that scream to stop their seizures. I have known other epileptics that have had sex to stop their seizures. For some epileptics both things work. For some, one of those things works.

An epileptic seizure is basically too much electricity in the brain. The brain experiences and electrical overload and has to vent electricity somehow so the brain doesn't die. So it causes seizures which cause the muscles of he body to spasm for 5 to 15 minutes. So if a person is standing, driving a car, walking, or swimming that person could die. If one is just sleeping like the only times I had a seizure one usually just winds up on the floor and hopefully someone was there to cradle my head so I don't lose teeth against a table or wall or don't lose an eye or a nose.

My worst seizure was when I was 14 and it almost killed me. When it started I tried to run for my parents room but this was a bad idea because I couldn't see.(Grand mal seizures make you completely unconscious for 5 to 15 minutes). So I wound up meeting the edge of the door to my room at a run with my nose. This broke my nose and I woke up with a pool of blood surrounding my head and my parents were totally freaked out at the carnage. I had to have minor plastic surgery to repair my nose(wooden popcycle sticks up my nose to reset the bones) but it turned out okay because I didn't lose any teeth. Everything was repairable. However, this almost killed me and I knew I likely wouldn't survive another one like that. That was a given.

My father said, "You've got to get some religion under your belt, son!" I took him seriously and went to church about 4 times a week to survive this and I invoked God to live in my body with me. God never left and my seizures ended within the next year because God was there.

Most people aren't forthcoming about having epilepsy because they don't want to be classified with the epileptics that can't legally drive and work at jobs and have to sometimes walk around with crash helmets on because their seizures are so bad and regular. And every seizure might be the end of their life on earth.

So, you can see why those who can function and who can control their seizures do so they can drive, get married, have children, have careers, go to college, travel the world etc.

It is my hope that you have a better understanding of what it is like to be an epileptic and why epileptics tend to be secretive about their illness. They just want to have a normal life like you if they can.

I am grateful to only have had 5 years of seizures that ended when I was 15. If it had been more serious I couldn't write all this for you to better understand epilepsy.

Surviving Bad Times

Being an adult is the only way you and your children can usefully survive these bad times on earth.

How do I define and adult: For me, an adult is someone who will do whatever it takes to keep himself, herself and their children from living on the streets.

If you are over 20 and don't agree with me then I wouldn't consider you to be an adult if you were 90.

Though I have never lived on the streets myself I have been in a Van in the woods in below freezing temperatures with my wife and baby because the student loans I was promised didn't come through on time and because I had counted upon them to move into a new apartment to go to school and had moved out of my house and put everything in storage.

So my lesson to you is don't trust any student loans or grants until you have the check in your hands and you have cashed it and it is good.

So, because of this I didn't go to the University that quarter and had a very awful experience, probably the worst financial experience of my life and our dish water froze outside our van every night because it was so cold. All we had was a bonfire outside for heat until we got in our down sleeping bags with our baby. We lived like this in the forest until we could arrange for another home. This took about 2 months. Once again don't trust student loans and pell grants until you have cashed them and they are good.

My wife got so hysterical one day that all I could do was to hold her hands while she tried to strike me so I didn't get bloody. Though I understood her hysteria being in the woods below freezing with a baby, I also knew this was the best we could do for then until we arranged something better. We did. We rented finally a home on about 1 acre of land with black cherry trees and about 20 other fruit trees(apple, plum, pear) and were quite happy there except the home was built in 1925 and not insulated except for sawdust in the attic which was a fire hazard. As my 15 year old son and I insulated the attic with 6 inches of fiberglass insulation we noticed that the sawdust had caught fire and some of the roof trusses were partially burnt up in the attic sometime in the distant past before we moved there. However, after insulating the ceiling and wrapping the house in plastic so the wind didn't blow through we could finally heat the place through the winter. Oh, it also had huge 75 foot tall black walnut trees that I put a rope swing on for the kids.

We also now have a God daughter who is about 30 and lives now in another state whose mother died on the streets in another state. She lived with her mother on the streets until her mother froze to death when she was 12. Though we have helped our God daughter get 3 degrees now including 2 Master's degrees, she still is emotionally fragile from what happened to her on the streets. So though she is very street savvy, her mother freezing to death on the streets is hard for her to forget.

Never let your children or wife live on the streets. It is so psychologically damaging for women and children that only the strongest even psychologically survive it long term.

For men, though living on the streets tends to make men crazy if they aren't already, many times they can recover their lives because living on the streets is about as hard as going to war and fighting in battles. It is something men have learned to cope with for thousands of years.(both wars and living on the streets)

I talked to an old friend who told me a story that likely took place between 1975 and 1985.

He said that he and his wife and kids were living in the country and had moved there for a quality life in raising their kids away from big cities and gangs. However, they both eventually got laid off their jobs and when their Unemployment compensation started to run out the husband said, "Let's move to the big city where I can more likely get a job to support us!" The wife said, "I won't leave a country life where it is safe for the kids!" So that was that. One day he went to a friend who had lived deep in the country for about 20 years already and his friend said, "Look. You guys are living on 10 to 20 dollars a week for food. You are living on baked potatoes, beans, rice and homemade bread and what vegetables and fruit you grow here or trade for. You sell goats milk but that barely pays for the feed for the goats and so you get goats milk and make goat cheese. But this isn't going to work much longer. You either have to split up and go get a job or stay here and guard your wife and family. If you go away and work someone might hurt your family or take your wife and kids away.
So, since this is California I recommend you go on AFDC" The man said, "But anyone who has got food stamps or medi-cal is mentally tortured by officials!". His friend said, "That is only if you get only one thing. If you get all those things together by filing for AFDC they leave you alone. The workers don't like all the extra paperwork for those things individually. However, if you do all three with AFDC and pass they will leave you alone."

The husband thought about all this and finally said, "I guess you are right. If I want to keep my wife and protect my family this might be what I have to do."

Later on this man and his wife found out about a program offered to AFDC recipients to start their own businesses. Since both the man and his wife were educated they said to each other, "Since you almost have to have a degree to be able to successfully fill out AFDC,Medi-cal and Food stamps forms, what difference would it be to fill out a few more forms and start our own business sponsored by the state. So they did. By doing this they started their own businesses and got off AFDC much sooner because the recession like now was very bad, especially in the country and unemployment likely was above 9% like now in California.

My friend told me that it is important to note that only in California and New York can the husband legally live with his wife and kids while receiving AFDC and starting a business.