Saturday, May 13, 2017

How can I become enlightened?

This is a good question.

My personal answer to this question is "follow your passion".

What I mean by this is that if you do what means the most to you, you will tend to become more and more enlightened (as long as whatever this is doesn't physically, spiritually, or emotionally harm you or anyone else).

So, following your desires and passions tends to make you more enlightened.


Because if you are doing what you love or going to what you love you are going to be interested in that so that becomes your yoga or discipline. And doing what makes you happy will also make you enlightened because you will be interested in it then. And this being interested causes you to be more focused which also tends to make you more and more enlightened.

IF you are doing what you hate and always might hate this might lead to your self destruction or suicide.

So, my point of view is that by doing exactly what touches your heart (if you are psychologically healthy to begin with) is going to take you to enlightenment.

This is about being practical while attaining enlightenment.

I suppose there might be some people who attain enlightenment by focusing on suffering but that's not my path.

So, it makes more sense to go to beautiful places, meet beautiful people and get enlightened that way.

What is enlightenment?

I would say that enlightenment is being interested enough in life to save yourself and everyone else 24 hours a day waking and sleeping.

You might say "How can you save yourself and others while sleeping?"

That is a part of what you learn while learning to become enlightened.

There is something called "Lucid Dreaming" in which you co-create the universe with God (or Buddha or Buddhas) if you wish.

And through Lucid Dreaming you and God and Buddha co-create the universe in the past, present and future.

So, that is a part of enlightenment too.

By God's Grace

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