Sunday, May 7, 2017

If La Pen is elected you've got to know the whole world is in trouble (not just the U.S.) at that point

If you are strategic in your thinking Trump and La Pen and other extreme rightests are the considered KGB type of plan of Putin who was (and is) the head of the present day KGB (now called the FSB) in a de facto way. From a Colonel in East Germany in the KGB until now, bringing down Europe and the U.S. has been his goal, especially now. And so in Machievellian ways through Syria and refugees he has succeeded in beginning to destroy western Democracy. If La Pen wins this is just one more success for Putin.

And using Machievellian plans to do it.

He has succeeded in electing Trump and now he might also succeed with the Wikileaks dump yesterday on top of Macron's head just like he Dumped Wikileaks on top of Hillary's head too.

So, though it is a long shot (like Trump) we might see La Pen (like Trump) elected. This will destroy for all intents and purposes the French democracy and turn it into more like in the direction of what it was like under Hitler once again as far as human rights go in much the same way Trump is the death of human rights of ANYONE not white and straight here in the U.S. and around the world.

As we watch the unraveling of western democracy through Putin's Machievellian ways through Syria and Wikileaks and Fake News (not Trump's Fake News) because Trump's Fake News is real news he doesn't like it becomes very obvious the dangers of allowing Putin to be the biggest Nuclear terrorist on earth in relation to the massacre of Syrian Sunnis ongoing which causes millions of them to become refugees who then migrate into Europe causing candidates like La Pen and Trump to possibly be elected which causes the death of  real democracy in the Western world.

And if it doesn't result in the death of democracy instantly it definitely causes people to die in droves in shock from the unraveling of our democracy one strand at a time. So, as human rights of all kinds die in strands from people like Trump we watch Putin smiling over in Russia while taking his sweet revenge upon the western world for ending the Soviet Union.

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