Tuesday, May 2, 2017

IF you find yourself interested in something and blog about it often others become interested too

Becoming interested and fascinated with something often makes other people interested and fascinated too. It's human nature I think to want to learn about new things.

So, wherever your blog is on earth you are sharing your interests with others. It's sort of like having a party only people are all over the earth and sharing your interests. So, if you have important or interesting things to say it might help others with problems or understanding things in their lives that they didn't fully understand before.

If you are over 30 to 35 you have already survived a whole lot in your life. If you can write about it or video blog about it in a way that is safe for you and your friends and family this may be good not only for you but also for people around the world who have similar interests or problems they are trying to solve.

So, just like scientists often share breakthroughs with each other around the world which then helps others breakthroughs happen organically everywhere, as you share insights in various directions you will help create amazing breakthroughs in many lives you touch worldwide through your writing blog or video blog worldwide.

For example, last month this blog received 100,000 visits.

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