Monday, May 8, 2017

Now counter clockwise weather spiral moving further South on West Coast

Now the center of the counter clockwise weather spiral is around San Felipe in the Gulf of California in Mexico and the spiral of rain clouds are in the vicinity of Lordsburg and Morenci Arizona (Morenci is where my father was born in 1916).  From there the rain clouds are traveling north up as far as Denver and Casper Wyoming but once they get north of Colorado and Utah they look to be maybe going to head east from Wyoming and Montana then though the ones in Arizona as far east as Gallup New Mexico might head back towards Nevada and Southern California.

More Crazy Crazy weather spiraling out to sea and some being a little more normal heading east from Wyoming and Montana after heading north through Arizona and New Mexico and Colorado and Utah.

I'm thinking that if you classify this as an early Monsoon rain this might be what you might call this  Counter clockwise stuff going over deserts towards the ocean to Mexico and then back up where the storms keep spiraling over and over again unendingly from Pacific Ocean to Mexico and up through the South Western states.

Each time these small storms in a series hit the ocean they are likely gathering more moisture before hitting land in Mexico once again for the counter clockwise spiral up through the states and back around to the ocean once again.

I'm wondering if Global Warming might one day turn this process into a hurricane further north than we are used to seeing them. Normally hurricanes on the west coast don't come further north than Cabo San Lucas or Tijuana and often never hit San Diego even. We get weather in California from them but not usually direct hits.

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