Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Panic Attacks are usually God trying to tell you something

Unless it is associated with legal or illegal drugs and then I'm not sure this definition still works.

My worst panic attack put me in the hospital and mimicked a heart attack. I could not stand up, I could not walk, I could not talk, I could only crawl into the bathroom, turn the water on in the tub and wait to die which I thought was coming next.

What was God telling me? He was telling me I needed to get a divorce and I didn't want to hear that.

So, often, it is dealing with someone or something horrific to deal with in your life. For example, my divorce and custody battle for my now oldest daughter eventually led to my getting a heart virus and almost dying 5 years later. So, this was no easy thing to go through and then be forced to retire because i almost died 5 years later. However, by then I was remarried with another daughter who was then 2 1/2 and I needed to stay alive both for my younger daughter and my older daughter than too. My son was a grown man by then of at least 20.

But, just remember what I'm saying here to you. A Panic Attack is almost always God telling you something is very seriously wrong with your present life that you need to fix or you are going to die from it!

By God's Grace

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