Monday, May 15, 2017

quoting while blogging at your site

IF you have a blog similar to mine where you do this as a world public service and aren't trying to make even a penny this might be helpful to you worldwide.

What I have found is that if I am in Firefox on one of my Macbook pros blogging here at (blogspot) specifically, that if I am quoting from a source it is often better to just quote the word button before I do anything else, publish that, and then go back and share more by viewing the saved word button and clicking on it. This way, you get the whole thing, the word button and the article you want to quote some or a part of.

It is quite easy to lose where you are or the page you are quoting from reconfigures and you lose track of where the word button for the article is. But, if you just first save and publish just the word button it is then on your page and then you can click on your own page and you won't lose the word button or the article in this way because you have already saved the word button that you can then click on and get the article too to share with your worldwide readers.

However, you must be aware of what laws and rules are enforced in your country in regard to all this.

For example, this is now safe to do in my country but it might not be in another country. And even here, if this was a for profit site instead of a public service that I do worldwide for free this wouldn't be a good idea either. So, you must think clearly through what you are doing around the world in regard to blogging and be aware as things change worldwide to protect both yourself and your readers as much as possible.

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