Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Psychology of Kim Jong Un and the North Korea government

Imagine a rebellious teenager with a nuclear bomb. No one can take away this bomb or this teenager becomes a terrorist and sets it off.

However, maybe that teenager can become a nuclear terrorist like a Gang Lord and get everyone to pay him money (or rule the world) because no one has the balls to take the nuke away from him.

However, at some point either the nuke goes off or the teenager becomes ruler of the whole world one of the two.

This is where Kim Jong Un and North Korea are now.

There are only two choices for them:

1. nuke the world and disappear in a blinding flash themselves
2. blackmail the world sort of like a North Korean ISIS and rule the world through nuclear Blackmail.

If the world sees clearly that either the weapons are going to be used and everyone dies or Kim Jong Un becomes world dictator because no one has the balls to militarily confront him I think you actually see the real picture of what is actually going on here right now.

Does anyone militarily actually have the balls to confront this teenage Nuclear Terrorist?

Or does Kim Jong Un become world dictator through nuclear blackmail?

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