Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Want to LIve to 100 or more (if you are now 40 or more)?

This is the diet my Doctor not only recommends but also lives who is right now 73 and still practicing medicine.

Organic Vegetables, fruit, meat and fish

Or if you are like President Clinton who would have died 15 years ago if he hadn't gone on this diet from eating at MacDonalds for too many years (a complete Vegan diet)

which means vegetables and fruit only.

However, this means no gluten or rice at all. This also means no processed foods at all. This also means no GMOs at all (by the way 70% of all processed foods in the Supermarket contain GMOs in the United States.

But, if you are really trying to keep it simple without becoming a vegetarian the only thing you should be eating is organic Fruits and Vegetables and meat and fish.

But also if you are like Ex-President Clinton and want to live to see your great great grandchildren be born likely you want to be a vegan too at some point.

Recently, I had a colonoscopy which I had no problem with except for the anesthesia which messed me up for about 2 days because I don't use pain medication or any pain killers usually ever.

Oh. It's true if I am in so much pain I can't sleep my wife tells me to take an Advil which I do once or twice a year now. But that's just me.

Anyway, my doctor after the operation said to me, "You cannot keep eating as rich a food as you do!"

However, I didn't hear or remember any of it because I was too out of it from the anesthesia still for 2 days from the colonoscopy.

The removed 9 polyps during this procedure. But then again I was only 68 a few months ago when they did this.

By the way my oldest son is now in his 40s and his wife and he both had a colonoscopy recently. I was very surprised that each of them had 4 polyps. It appears that generations coming up have lived in a less pristine world than I grew up in and are having all sorts of health problems much earlier than my generation did like kids dying of skin cancer in their 20s and dying of colon cancer in their 30s and 40s now. So, this is something to think about too.

My doctor (at 73) has a colonoscopy every 4 years like clockwork because in our diet and culture colon cancer as you age is very very common.

Also, by 90 years of age almost every man has some form of prostate cancer so this is something if you are a man to be screened for with at least a PSA test if you want to live to 100 or more every single year after about 40.

Another thing if you want to have a brain still working at 100 or even 50 you need to do sublingual b 12s or get a periodic shot of b-12 in your posterior or else you risk senile dementia or alzheimers after 50 because in many many people their stomachs cannot process b vitamins after 50 worldwide.

So, without b-12 sublingual (under the tongue) or in shots in the posterior your brain may stop working  at some point. Who wants to be 100 if your brain doesn't work any more?

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