Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Why should you expect more injuries and deaths over air or water from Global Warming?

When heat increases so do winds and precipitation. It might not be fully predictable where and when either winds or precipitation occurs though. And because of these potential anomalies people are going to die and be injured more on passenger planes around the world in an increasing fashion on into the future.

I can envision having to build stronger wings on planes so they don't just come off as easily as they could now.

I can also envision having head restraints for when winds are bad so necks aren't broken in turbelence while flying a plane.

I can also envision a time when it likely wouldn't be safe anymore for birds or humans to fly here on earth at all most days because of increasing winds.

(This is already true in Hurricanes and Tornadoes by the way and always has been)

This is also true for Sandstorms and other serious weather events which could destroy jet engines and gasoline aircraft engines.

It is also true where there are volcanic eruptions with pyroclastic Glass in the air for jet or other aircraft engines to suck in to their intakes.

So, it is important to expect more deaths and injuries in an ever increasing fashion over time because of Global Warming.

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