Monday, May 15, 2017

With 230,000 computers in 150 countries now affected world cyberwarfare is getting worse regarding Wanna Cry

Whoever or whatever country or countries are behind this: (it could be ISIS for example to be this widespread) is causing 150 nations to have shit fits.

Unfortunately the 1 billion dollars likely received by people not wanting their data to be destroyed isn't helping matters because this is only going to spawn more and more copycats worldwide (even if most of these people are found dead or disappeared or in jail within 5 years which is likely to happen).

So, worldwide we have to expect a siege mentality regarding Microsoft based business computers which are the most common in the world as personal or business computers with any vulnerabilities targeted in multiple creative ways. This is a given now that the cat has been let out of the bag and is clawing up the ceiling so to speak in regard to ransomware.

This could easily end the present version of the internet within 5 to 10 years worldwide based upon our present TCP/IP translators.

It could also end temporarily or permanently use of cellphones in various countries because smartphones are the most vulnerable to hacking in general too. This is why outside of phone calls and texts nothing more important than that ever happens on one of my smartphones or my wife's smartphone because we know a smartphone is the most vulnerable computer device you can presently own. So, we Never do any online banking because we know this even though we know younger people  often regularly do but they don't seem to know what we know or they don't care if they also know.

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