Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Healing mode is not necessarily a workaday mode

I suppose that there are exceptions to every rule but generally speaking if you want to have a profound miracle healing you have to get into a healing mode. If you were in a hospital trying to recover from something serious would you try to be a workaholic in that moment. Likely not if you were actually serious about healing.

So, profound healing takes your participation in it through prayer and meditation and a part of this prayer and meditation is proper diet and consciousness that you put into a healing mode.

Part of why I'm writing this now is often people can begin to heal themselves in summer time more easily than in winter time which is directly why so many older people die during winters if you observe all over the world (especially in the northern hemisphere).

Often it is surviving the winter that is the most difficult season to stay alive in  especially if you are older than about 40 or 50.

So, making the most of your summers often will decide whether you live through the next winter when you are older than 40 or 50. For me, Winters are a time to ski and to go to where the snow is. However, at age 69 my desire is not necessarily live in the snow anymore like when I was in my 30s I loved living where it snows. But now, since around 1992 when I saw 12 feet of snow in Mt. Shasta then I really don't have the desire to LIVE through a whole winter where it is snowing anymore. It is more about going there to ski and walk around in the snow on snow shoes and stuff like that. It isn't for me about living where it is snowing and cold all the time anymore. IN fact, what I did the winter before last was to go to the Big Island of Hawaii with friends in January and snorkel with the fish in water that was 85 degrees every day. So, this is more also what I like to do in Winters besides skiing these days.

So, finding a way to heal and to keep healing ongoing is the way to live a long and productive life after 40 or 50.

Otherwise, often you are just dead and that's all.

By God's Grace

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