Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sacramento is cooling down a little but not yet Redding or Red Bluff

Sacramento is down to around 96 today and 90 tomorrow which is much cooler than it was. However, today Redding is 113 today so go figure. I couldn't believe coming through Danville, Vacaville and San Jose the other day where sections of those places were 109 degrees according to my car thermometer. This was pretty unbelievable at the time. Where I live on the coast today for example it is supposed to be not above 64 degrees with mostly sun but when it is this hot inland it often brings in the fog too from the ocean which keeps temperatures on the northern coast almost always below around 85 usually even in August. So, the best weather around San Francisco is often Spring or fall if you want it to be 70 or warmer. But, some days in the summers it will be over 70 too. And like I said often we will have temperatures up to 85 before the fog is pulled in by the heat rising inland during the summers here. However, if you go 5 go 10 to 20 miles inland it will be over 100 degrees in August and September often almost every year.

But, since the prevailing winds are out of the west heading east this is what usually happens here during the summers. So, if I want it hot I have to go inland. If I want it cool enough not to put on an air conditioner I just go home to the coast. And year around there are sea breezes and sometimes the sounds of Sea Lions barking a few miles away.

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