Sunday, June 11, 2017

Everyone Generates Life or Death 24 hours a day

An Adult takes the responsibility upon himself or herself to generate Life in themselves and all around them.

All others generate death because they are not taking responsibility in creating life.

and then there is most of humanity who do both in any given day because of circumstances.

So, generating life is a discipline and a kindness and the very basis of civilization itself in the ideal.

Practically speaking, if we consciously generate compassion, wisdom and love towards ourselves and all mankind we become beacons and generators of Light and Life upon all mankind.

How do we do this?

There actually are many methods. There likely are as many methods in some ways as there are people on earth.

The most effective way for me I have found is this one:

After learning to soul travel at around age 21 or 22 after praying for this ability since I was a child because the angels (The Arcangels) had saved my life from whooping cough at age 2. I realized they traveled by "Soul Travel" and I wanted to be like them because they healed me and kept me from dying of Whooping Cough then in 1950 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

This led to my successfully soul traveling through bi-location starting successfully around 1970 in Rancho Bernardo, California. God's first attempt at this through me was a few months before which nearly killed me when I woke up alone in the desert at a friend's house, got up and go to the bathroom and my arm went through the wall so I knew I wasn't in my body. So, in terror I walked back to my
body and laid down into it. I was shaking from the experience and completely traumatized having experienced this and so begged God to give me a better more satisfying experience. One in which my death wasn't so close. This happened in Rancho Bernardo a few months later. This then caused a paradigm shift when I realized Scientifically that souls and bodies are actually two different things in actuality. Though it's true souls live in bodies they also exist independently also. Having experienced this and With God having Taught me then Bi-location instead of Astral Projection in order to protect my body from being taken over by negative beings while traveling the universe, I then went up onto the roof in my soul body and looked at the stars often at night or walked around where I lived in my soul body through bi-location.

Over the next 10 years or so I traveled this galaxy and others until I realized as an adept that I already was everywhere in every space and time and that time and space was a complete illusion that humans believe in. Whereas in reality Earth is only another dimension like a heaven realm and not physically real at all(except in our minds eye).

So, literally, we live in the "Mind of God" but Earth is not physically real except in our belief of it.

By God's Grace

From this time on I realized I was already in every time and space and so there really was no reason to go anywhere because I was already there in all times and spaces.

So, my meditation became: "Experiencing oneness with all God's Creations 24 hours a day" as a 24 hour meditation.

The advantage of this is even if your body is no more you can continue your meditation because it is the only reality there is.

Also, there is no longer any fear because there are no limitations.

By God's Grace

However, if you don't pretend you are living in a physical body here on earth you are going to die soon. (your physical body would die)

So, though you realize the truth of the universe if you want to still interact with humans as a human being you have to at least pretend you are still like them in order to do that effectively. IN this way you can help all mankind to become enlightened too.

By God's Grace

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