Sunday, June 11, 2017

I AM ONLY still alive because of God's Grace

It is easy for me to say actually that NO ONE IS ALIVE except by God's Grace. This is very easy for me to say "Because it is true".

I look back at my own life as proof.

When I was 2 I was dying of whooping cough.

The Archangels came and saved me.

When I was 10 to 15 years of age I had "Childhood Epilepsy"

When I invoked God into my body at age 15 my seizures stopped forever after that moment.

My physical appearance completely changed within a few months.

Girls started chasing me around because they wanted to be near God who lived in my body with me.

I understood this at the time.

However, psychologically, actually dealing successfully with all this supernatural power and wonder on all levels took me until I was about 30 years old before I could successfully deal with God living in my body 24 hours a day with me and changing through me the whole world like he does and has done since 1963 when he first came into my body because I had invoked him and he stayed.

So, my experience of life reminds me a lot of what the Prophets in the Old Testament say was their experience too. It is very powerful and sort of extreme in many ways.

But, here's the thing: "Those to whom much is given much is expected" so this isn't just a gravy train it is also a tremendous responsibility. If you fail or misuse God's power you will instantly die too!

I always understood this so it is an incredible level of discipline to constantly only use God's Supernatural power flowing through and around your body only for what he wants to happen.

So, don't invoke what I have had to experience unless you are either completely desperate not to die like I was at age 15 or you realize you are strong enough to deal with it.

Because God is a real being and a real thing and not to be trifled with unless you are interested in dying soon physically by supernatural means.

By God's Grace

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