Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Master Angels and the next Root Race of Humans here on earth

I would like to describe an experience that is ongoing with me now. It is in regard to the master angels. There are angels who are obedient to God and then there are what God Creates which are the Architects and engineers. It usually takes free will to become a master angel and being born on a planet a lot like earth or the earth itself.

Everyone on earth is pretty scared right now because wars without limit appear to be starting around the world and so people are praying like never before since World War II and 9-11 and times like during the Viet Nam War because they are terrified around the world.

So, these prayers are invoking the master angels and angels of all kinds from God into their lives. Many times these angels are also relatives passed on who have gone to heaven and have been called back so to speak to help relatives and friends now who know them still here on earth.

This is my experience. I'm one of the people to whom that place people go after life is just as real as living here on earth. For many of you this would be an unsettling experience and sometimes it is for me too. But, most of the time I find it to be a tremendous advantage when friends and relatives pass over and come to me for help.

So, this is how I know about all these different kinds of angels because the Arcangels have been in my life since I was 2 when they rescued me from Whooping cough at that time. So, angels have always been there protecting me and guiding me throughout my life.

So, I can also share some of what they wish me to with you now.

People who are gifted and therefore can sense angels around are being called by angels and God for special purposes now around the world. This will increase the rest of this century because this century likely will be more difficult for mankind than last century but in a different way.

This century is more of a psychological problem to deal with than a physical one. In other words if you are in a developed country the likelihood that you will see outright war in your country is small (at least at this point in time from this vantage point). But, partisanship worldwide is going to be hard to deal with where people are going to be saying completely opposite things and be willing to kill for these completely opposite and both irrational points of view. So, often you are going to see neither side making any sense but you might have to pretend to believe one side or the other to stay alive if you have to work around or go to church around these people too.

So, staying alive, and staying psychologically healthy through all of this is going to become more and more of a challenge worldwide with both sides (or many sides not just two) saying completely ridiculous things that you can see from your common sense and life experience.

So, here is where the Master Angels come into the picture. They presently are engineering the next root race of human beings here on earth.

This next root race of people who are coming into embodiment might live 100 to 1000 to 5000 years or longer because of the help of the master angels. They often will know things without anyone telling them through divine guidance. They will know where to go, where to be, what is safe to eat, where not to be, all these things because they are being designed by God to survive this century and beyond.

So, people who aren't called in this way might not survive physically or psychologically this century.

However, people reading this often are those directly called by the Master Angels and so this will speak to you and key you directly into them so your lives and sanity might be saved by God.

By God's Grace

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