Sunday, June 18, 2017

The level of political hostility cannot be continued for another 44 months without something bad happening

"You know, I do not think … no, I do not know how we can sustain this level of intensity and hostility that we've had for four-and-a-half months for 44 more months," he replied. "I don't know how it's going to end. But my guess is badly."
Speaking with Buchanan before last Wednesday's shooting in Alexandria, Va., Koppel raised the issue of possible violence in the context of an impeachment.
"Would it come to violence?  I don't know.  I wouldn't predict that," Buchanan replied. "But I do think that this country would be even further and irrevocably divided over this issue.  And they would not forget it for a long, long time. Because they would believe what, Ted? They would believe that the establishment was out to get Trump from the first day, and it wanted to take him down. And I think they would be right."
Which brings us back to where we began: Stephen Colbert, sitting atop the late-night ratings these days by being consistently, and often outrageously, anti-Trump.

Colbert: "Donald Trump, if you're watching, first of all, you're a bad president. Please resign. (Cheers)"
The cheering went on … and on … and on …
end partial quote from:
The great divide: The media war over Trump

Something bad already happened to Representative Scalise and several other people and unless there is some way for unity bad things are going to happen all over. this is a given.

There was this kind of hostility before during the Viet Nam War here in America. Many people were beaten to death by cops during this time or shot by soldiers at Kent State. Eventually Nixon resigned and people calmed down. Likely things are going to get much worse until Trump resigns too or else we might have a civil war not in theory but for real where states start to secede one by one from the Union. This is much more serious than anything we have been through but the Viet Nam War or the Great Civil War. This is where we are once again. It is another cultural revolution in the opposite direction away from human rights this time by Trump and his allies.

If I look down through time (like the Civil War) this war does not end well for anyone on earth.

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