Saturday, June 17, 2017

Why can't the Internet be safe?

Because it is sort of like Bank Vaults and Safes. You cannot create something that cannot be broken into. So, when you do your banking at the bank, that bank has insurance in case someone hacks them.

Which happens every single day and banks and other businesses worldwide now lose over 1 Trillion dollars a year every year from this. They don't tell you this or you won't bank or do business with anyone if you knew the truth.

BUT, they carry insurance so they don't lose a dime because of paying for insurance.

But, you don't have insurance for this do you? and it likely would be way too expensive to get wouldn't it?

So, why are you banking using your phone or computer at home when you don't have any insurance if Companies (banks and other businesses) are losing over 1 trillion dollars a year in fraud and theft?

Because if you lose you have no insurance and will just lose everything and maybe won't be able to pay the rent when hackers crack your passwords.

This is reality folks.

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