Sunday, March 20, 2011

2045:Technological Immortality for Humans here on Earth

Since many people on earth still seem to be living around 1200 AD in their thoughts and some even more ancient in their basic view of life on earth, it should be very interesting if not chaotic in the extreme when biological immortality is reached by 2045 through medical intervention for many here on earth who can cope with it psychologically, mentally, physically and spiritual i.e. in all the necessary ways. Of course even many of those who might be able to become technologically immortal will not choose to do so because of the inherent risks of watching most people they know and love die and all that this entails. But as more and more people and spouses and families and children become physically immortal and as the price financially reduces to much like buying an IPad or an IPhone, anyone who wishes to can become immortal technologically. However, as all of you who are realistic know this will create as many problems as it will solutions. There will be the immortals and those who choose not to be immortals and all the differences between peoples could become even more acute on earth than now. However, as we as humans move out into the galaxy in all ways now I believe the immortals and the non-immortals (by choice) will become like two different species entirely of humans.

Also, there likely will be not only the Arcanes or (Saint Germains) and Padmas, and Jesuses and Buddhas that I write about but also people who choose for one reason or another to become more like Purple Delta 7 and BioComs (biological computers). And who are you and I to deny anyone that choice or right? Even though I wouldn't make such a choice under normal circumstances, it is likely some people for one reason or another would make such a choice so they never die.

And who are you and I to say "NO" to them?

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