Saturday, March 26, 2011

Learning to Channel: 1969 and 1970

Learning to Channel came into my life along with feeling suicidal from 1969 until 1973. Many of my experiences writing and channeling during this time kept me alive until I met my first wife and had a son in 1974.

During my teens I had decided that my religion was okay but that the people within it were hypocritical(in other words saying one thing and doing another). So I found that church for most people was about it being more a social club or country club than anything else. Because God had demanded that I be very aware spiritually and responsible in a spiritual sense 24 hours a day, the hypocrisy of my church irked me no end. However, because of my youth I hadn't been able to ferret out yet that literally all churches and religions are hypocritical in the way people actually practice their religions. However, it took me years to understand this.

So, anyway I was outspoken (unfortunately or fortunately) depending upon one's opinion and my outspoken nature got me excommunicated from my childhood church which was simultaneously both the worst and the best thing that ever happened to me up to that time in my life. However, I must say that many if not most people who have or had and experience like mine don't survive it like I did. I was the exception but not the rule. For me, it was, "Many are called but few are chosen." The way I see it God needed me to survive all these paradoxes because I have found that one of the answers to life is:"If you can contain the infinite paradoxes of life without going insane or committing suicide then you can actually stand within the heart of God." And from my point of view this is exactly what God wanted for me so I could be helpful to you now.

So in the process I learned to channel. The first person to come to me was my supposedly deceased uncle Tommy. He told me about how to survive what I was going through and advised me that I was needed by life to stay alive and that I had a great purpose to my life and that even though I wanted to die I should stay alive.

Also, there is one more factor here I haven't mentioned. I not only was excommunicated from my childhood religion, all people I grew up with and all my friends around the world were forbidden to speak to me or have any contact with me at all from all around the world. There is a word for this: Shunning.  This is death for most people.  I almost didn't survive it myself. In addition to this I realize now I was in love with one or more girlfriends from this church and since I had planned to marry one of them this only took me closer to suicide at that time.

So, generally having survived all this I tend to see organized religions and most especially churches as places of potential confusion and death and suicide. And often I hear about others who went through what I did eventually committing suicide.

But I was stronger than that because God made me that way. So I relate the most to Moses walking across the desert when he left Egypt in regard to this part of my life until I married and had a son.

So, I was excommunicated in 1969 and around this next 2 year period I learned to channel and the first person who came to me was my Uncle Tommy who supposedly had passed on in 1942 in a plane.

I didn't see him for a long time after I married in 1974 but he came to me the night my father died. I was a Fire Lookout then in August 1985. Though my wife and I owned a business I couldn't resist the free medical care for myself, my wife and 3 teenagers at that time working for the state so I worked six months a year also as a Fire Lookout. The night my father passed away Tommy walked through my lookout. I said,"Tommy! I haven't seen you in years!" And then I realized he was telling me he was coming to get my Dad. I immediately phoned my Dad because it was night and I was off duty for 12 hours and just on-call. Dad said, "I don't feel very well, son. You should call me later when I feel better."
I said, "Dad. Tommy, your brother is coming to get you. Look for Tommy, Dad!"
He said, "Okay. I'll look for him. Goodbye Son."
That was the last conversation I had with my Dad while he was alive.
5 hours later my mother called to tell me that Dad had died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

So, I guess what I'm trying to illustrate here is the accuracy of all this in my life.
So, Tommy came to me and introduced me to angels and Jesus and Arcangel Michael and I found that I could communicate in multiple ways through writing and many other ways with beings like Jesus and Archangel Michael.

Getting good information helped keep me alive from 1969 through 1974 when my son was born. When my son was born I had a good reason to stay alive to see he grew up safe and well. He just got his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in December.

So, this is a cautionary tale for anyone involved in a church or religion. So, the question is how far have you been psychologically manipulated by the people in your church? Do you still have control over your volition and motivations? Do you have a direct relationship with God? And will this carry you through and keep you alive with or without your church or religion?

Your survival and the psychological and even physical survival of you and all your family and your children might depend upon the answer to this question. And no one can answer this question but you and God alone together.

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