Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free People and Peons

A less respectful way to put this would be: There are people who are masters of their own destiny and there are people who will be slaves in their minds because of they way they think all their lives because they don't know how to think another way.

Though there has always been an underclass here in the U.S. and around the world, mostly it has been around the people I grew up with not that noticeable. When this began to change was the 1980s when the recession got just so bad that people began to lose hope regarding making enough money to eat and to stay alive and to feed their families. Then by the mid 1980s people began to do better and except for the Savings and Loan crisis which wiped the saving of many many people out so they could never retire things actually were pretty good financially in the U.S. until 9-11 and the first big stock market crash of the new century.

So the first time I ran into this kind of peon kind of thinking much was in the early 1990s at a hotel. So when an employee begged for all the hours they could get and said they would work 7 days a week if necessary and then was offered the Midnight to 8 shift I found myself horrified by the conversation. Because the employee obviously was completely dis-empowered and not coming from any kind of place that would take them anywhere useful in life. So I felt very sad and horrified by this person's attitude.

So, let me demonstrate how an empowered person thinks. It is something like this: "I will do whatever it takes to survive but I'm not getting stuck in some stupid job going nowhere. So, I don't intend to work more than a year at any stupid job. I'm going to start my own business or die trying. I'm not a victim and if my employer says "jump" my answer will never be "How high sir" but instead it will be "Why?" and "Is it dangerous?" and if it is dangerous my answer will always be "No!" and if they say "Your Fired!" then my answer is "Great!". NO. Unless you take charge of your life and create what you want with it you will always be a victim to some awful employer. Some people's only joy in life will be torturing you as an employee because their life is just so miserable. Don't let them do this. Why should you need psychological therapy because their lives are screwed up and destroyed. Instead fight for a life you can stand to live. If you don't your whole life will be hell. That's just how it works. Keep fighting until you have the life you can stand to live. Don't ever settle for less. Putting up with an idiot employer is one thing for a day, week, month, maybe no longer than one year. But to go beyond that you are doing serious psychological damage to yourself that you might never be able to repair.

Remember, life is "Do or die" always. Unless you have the courage you will never have a life! (that you can actually stand to live).

Another way to put this is: "If you don't create a life you can stand to live. You Won't!"(be alive)

One of the many reasons why I'm still alive and going strong at age 62 is I never gave up trying to create a life I could stand to live and in the process created "many Lives" along the way that I could stand to live. I have lived in Hawaii, Mt. Shasta, near San Francisco, Seattle, Santa Fe, New Mexico and I grew up in San Diego and Los Angeles areas. But if I hadn't gotten angry enough not to settle for a life I knew I couldn't survive I wouldn't be alive and happy today still at 62.

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