Sunday, March 27, 2011

Writing about Japan

One of the reasons I have been writing a lot about the nuclear issues in Japan is that as an intuitive nuclear power plants because of ongoing cataclysms like earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes are an ongoing threat to life on earth. If the planet were in a different kind of cycle than it is nuclear power plants might be relatively safe for short periods of time. But we aren't there right now and everyone can see that.

For example, one of the many factors causing the Japan quake and tsunami was the moon coming closer than it has in 18 to 20 years to earth. This closeness along with the NE Japanese coast sinking up to 3 feet in places is that the Spring tide brought water into many coastal cities well after the quake and tsunami from the close moon. If you add to this influence the 26,000 year galactic alignment you have forces magnified across the galaxy that can then be made worse by the moon, the sun, and the planets upon the earth. In the last earthquake and tsunami I didn't have a clue that it was going to occur. This is extremely unusual for me, because if an earthquake is earth based in cause I usually will feel strange and sometimes ill for up to a month like I did before the 2004 December tsunami that killed around 250,000 people in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and around the Indian ocean. At that time just before it his I experienced the heaven realms come closer to earth than I had ever seen so I knew many people were about to die. At that time I felt like I and my family might die. However, when it hit and I watched it on CNN TV I was relieved for myself and my family as then I realized what I had been experiencing the last month and that at least we, (my family and I would be safe). However, this time I felt absolutely nothing and had no warning whatsoever. This meant to me that either this quake and tsunami had causes outside of the earth itself or that it was hidden act of war by one nation upon another. These are the only two explanations that I can presently think of given the way I experience these things and always have. Since I have no indications of any cause on earth to actually be the cause of this event it makes me think that the cause of this was from beyond earth like the pull of the moon and planets and sun and galaxy. However, if this is true then likely we can expect many similar types of events around the world during the next few years. And for this reason I think everyone must rethink nuclear power. Because if these kinds of events are ongoing around the world no nuclear power plant can be considered safe.

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