Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When the Hammer Falls

As an intuitive often I will see the hammer in the air in mid swing, and so either I or those I'm with or if I'm really lucky those who read my blog can get out of the way of the Hammer of individual, or group
(karma, accidents, or whatever you want to call it) if I become aware of something before it happens or even as it is happening. Because often something can even be in progress can be going on and I  and others can see the likely result before it happens.  What I've found in regard to all kinds of calamities is that often some people can sense them coming.

For example, on TV I watched an interview of the Victims of the tsunami in Sendai and one old Japanese man said, "I can see the radiation and I'm afraid." Most of the time you wouldn't hear that from an American. But in many Asian countries having full access to all your senses and intuitive abilities is treasured. So, do I personally believe he sees the radiation? Of course. For example, when the radiation started to get worse here in California I found the end of my tongue got raw and got sores on it. Eventually I came to realize that this was my body's reaction to increased radiation levels. It wasn't that I was going to die or anything, it was just that my body was telling me that the environment had changed a lot. So, the sores on my tongue were my body telling me that the environment had changed significantly and I needed to be aware of the changes. Hopefully, the Potassium Iodide pills arrive soon so I can fill my body's and my family's bodies with good iodine so they cannot be filled with radioactive Iodine in the air. However, what do you do about Cesium, or is that not carried by the air? And what do you do about plutonium which it is said is 2 million times more toxic to all life than any of the other components at a nuclear power plant?

What people are not talking about is the actual fact that (as far as I know) plutonium was not present at all in Chernobyl. So, from my point of view this is already more serious than Chernobyl simply because of the unknown effects of this much plutonium outside of nuclear bomb test facilities in places like Nevada in the U.S., and Russia and China.

Also, say if you are in the kitchen and you accidentally drop a knife from the counter and it sticks in the floor right next to your foot (I've done this) you say, "Thank God!" So for example, if I say to someone "You really shouldn't drive your car today!" and my 2nd wife says, "Forget you, I need to make a business delivery and our daughter has orchestra practice. So, since I foresaw a fatal accident I prayed the next hour as hard as I could so it at least wouldn't be fatal. So, I felt sick when my wife and stepdaughter drove away. 10 minutes later my 12 year old stepdaughter ran up the driveway and yelled to me and said, "We had a head on collision. Get in one of the other cars and come quick." That day in 1985 I was grateful not only that I had seen this coming but that I had had time to pray for an hour when my wife told me to "Forget it!". My wife had cracked ribs and my stepdaughter's head had hit the windshield hard but not hard enough to break the windshield so her life was saved. My wife had trouble breathing the next month but wrapped her ribs and decided not to go to the hospital. One of our family cars was totaled and the insurance company paid us off for the loss. This is a real life experience. I have a thousand more just in my own family over the years.

So, just the same as in the kitchen when the sharp knife sticks in the floor rather going through your foot, you say, "Thank God." My Dad used to say that even if the danger misses you by 1/4 inch you need to go on like nothing happened. But be aware if it is one of many dangers in the same area. Then react but still don't freak out. Just get out of the way. He would say, "A miss is as good as a mile."

The people of Japan had nowhere to go. Because to completely escape they would have had to leave their country. Likewise, the people of the world cannot escape the plutonium now either. One particle ingested as food or into the lungs anywhere on earth will eventually be fatal if it stays in one's body long enough. How many particles are now loose in Japan and on the land, in the water table and in the ocean and possibly in the air already? How many will die of cancer and not know the real cause over the next 100 years or more on earth? Because this plutonium has a half life of hundreds of thousands of years. And this is all over the earth and not just in Japan. As air, water, food, electronics, fish who swim through the ocean away from Japan or even predator fish who eat many Japanese radiated fish then swim to another area of the Pacific and Atlantic and are caught with the condensed radiation of that area in their flesh from their consumption of radiated fish, what then? This radiation will slowly spread all over the earth just like the radiation did from Chernobyl. People are just making less about this nuclear tragedy than they did Chernobyl because Japan's future is at stake. And besides, Chernobyl is one of many events that brought down the old Soviet Union. What this present crisis will do to Japan is anyone's guess. Yes. I agree. This is the worst crisis for Japan since World War II. It also may be the worst crisis since then for the rest of the world as well if the full truth is ever told.

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