Saturday, March 26, 2011

Limitless: The movie

I found myself to be very upset in general with this movie. Though it was very well done and many people will like it, I was upset and I know for sure this is generational. The way the drug opens the mind to its 100% potential reminded me just too much of some of the effects of LSD and all the friends that were never the same from College after they took this drug back in the 1960s. There is a line in one of my favorite movies of all time "Romancing the Stone" from the 1980s with Michael Douglas where Michael Douglas say, "Do You smoke?" And Kathleen Turner says, "I went to college." (which means yes). So back in the late 1960s and early 1970s LSD was as common as People who surfed 10 foot waves. Some people could sort of handle it and some died, went crazy or just were never ever the same again.

This was the same problem I had with this movie of thinking one could find all the answers in any one pill. I think this is a very dangerous idea. More likely to find the answer might be to "Know yourself", eat organic food, educated yourself, enlighten yourself, make good and useful friends male and female, live in a healthy place and have a good life.

No pill will ever be the answer to all your problems. To even think that will destroy your life.  That's the sad truth.

However, for me and my personal health condition, Armour Thyroid for hypothyroidism has been wonderful and gave me back my life and probably extended my life 30 years or more. I feel in my mind like I did in my 20s. Thank you God! The only problem is I have to get it from Canada from
It comes from Canada and the U.K.
No good medicines for hypothyroidism are now made in the U.S.
It's all about money, nothing else in regard to this.
So if you have hypothyroidism try Armour thyroid from Canada. It may give you your life back as it did me!

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