Friday, March 18, 2011

Burying reactors might be the only way out for Japan

Japan weighs burying crippled reactors

In today's interdependent world, saving Japan's economy and staying friends with the rest of the world, the only way I can presently see to do both these things is to bury all six reactors now in dirt and cement. Though this will pollute both the ocean and the water table and the land for 100s of years to come, it will stop polluting the air and allow the area to start to recover. It will also allow the country to deal with restarting other nuclear power plants so the power can be on 24 hours a day and not like now where there are rolling blackouts all over Japan and all businesses and all the things the world needs to buy from Japan can't resume until this nuclear crisis is resolved in some more permanent way. It is not only Japan that is suffering it is people around the world that need millions of electronic items and cars and electronic parts and many other things that people need from Japan. The sooner the Japanese realize that they have a Chernobyl with 6 reactors instead of just one, the sooner the country can resume it's electricity and help save those who survived the Earthquake and tsunami. So the sooner it is all buried under dirt and cement the sooner the whole world can sigh and universal sigh of relief. Even though several hundred square miles of Japan might have to be abandoned for hundreds of years as well as hundreds of square miles of ocean won't be able to be fished for hundreds of years, at least the rest of Japan can start trying to resume some semblance of normalcy.

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