Saturday, March 19, 2011

On Going to Area 51 on Hiway 95 in Nevada

Going near area 51 isn't the best idea. I did it for the first time recently. To give you an example of someone other than me who is also an intuitive, my daughter drove by there on 95 when she was returning to Oregon from Denver. She and her  traveling companion were both really scared driving by there and didn't even know area 51 existed or was there. When I told her about where area 51 was she told me how scared she was driving by there at night and she didn't even know it was there. She said she and her friend when they stopped later that night at a motel to sleep couldn't sleep until 5 am they were so scared of what they experienced intuitively. And they didn't even know they had driven by area 51 because they didn't know where it was.

Area 51 and the whole multi-hundreds of square miles contain numerous secret military bases since the 1930s and 1940s. Many and most of the underground nuclear bomb tests took place in this area.  Stealth fighters were developed at the Area 51 airport and test facility. You can look at area 51 on Google Earth and Google Maps. But don't actually try to go off Hiway 95 and try to drive in there. You will never be heard or seen ever again. You might not die but you will never see or contact family or friends ever again. That is for sure.

Note added August  26th 2013: Evidently Area 51 has moved sometime before this summer to two locations, one in Utah and somewhere near Colorado Springs because they are working on planes that travel into space and back now for the military. When observers went to the nearest allowable dirt road and observed Area 51 there is no no more movement there ever. Also, it appears it became to hazardous and toxic there to have people there working there anymore.

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