Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crowdsourcing Radiation in the U.S.

(Because it will make everyone happy)

The way it is now people are getting into fistfights over all this. Wouldn't it be better just to have U.S. Crowdsourcing sites just like there are Japanese Crowdsourcing sites.

If you are into seeing a Japanese Crowdsourcing site here is one:

By taking the .138 for Tokyo per hour and
the                  .13 reading for Sendai

And then rounding it down to .1 so no one is unhappy with my average
and then multiplying it by 24 (24 hours in a day) we get a reading of 2.4 per day if you are out in the open in Tokyo. (But unless you are homeless on the streets you won't actually get 2.4 per day in either Tokyo or Sendai. But if you are outside you will get this amount of radiation coming down on you.(at least for today the 24th ).

So then I multiplied this by 30 (for the average month) and got 72 which is 22 more than U.S. nuclear workers are allowed.

So, since it is this high in Japan it might be important to check what the average dosage per hour  is that we are getting here in the U.S.

So everyone is happy I think we should do this so people on all sides of this issue in their homes will be happy and not just get hysterical or just laughed at or laugh because they are scared. IF enough people actually are taking readings then people will feel safer in general because no one necessarily believes ANY government right now about radiation readings. And this is because governments put businesses before the radiation and cancers and deaths of real people. Crowdsourcing is the only way I can see to solve this problem outside of everyone getting their own radiation detection devices and testing the air and food every day for the next 6 months or more until the reactors are all buried under a lot of cement.

The other big advantage of doing this is that we can also check outside of existing nuclear reactors in the U.S. to see which ones are leaking the worse into the public domain where everyone lives.

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